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What you need to know

  • Apple is being sued by major record labels.
  • Sony, Universal, and Warner have all filed against Apple in Russia.
  • It's over three apps in the App Store which allow users to listen to music without paying for it.

Apple is being sued by three major record labels in Russia over a trio of apps that lets users listen to music without paying for it.

As reported by TorrentFreak:

Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and a division of Warner have filed applications for a preliminary injunction against Apple at the Moscow City Court. The complaints target three apps, all currently available on the App Store, that reportedly enable users to access music without paying for it. Initial tests reveal that is indeed the case.

The report cites new Russian legislation designed to help quickly quash copyright infringement in the country by removing apps from marketplaces that could allow users to listen to pirated music.

From the report:

In an apparent move to test the new legislation, three major record labels – Sony Music Entertainment, SBA Music Publishing (part of Warner), and Universal Music – quickly filed complaints at the Moscow City Court on the day the law came into force.

The application for interim measures was filed on October 1 and lists Apple as the defendant. The offending apps listed are 'PewPee: Music Player', 'iMus Music Player', and 'Offline Music Download Music/ Music Downloader & Player', which you have to admit, sounds a little suspect.

The pursuing parties described this suit as a "test run", with other copyright holders standing by to see how it all plays out, it could signal the start of a swathe of lawsuits against vendors like Apple and Google, now that the law pins responsibility of these apps on the distributing marketplaces.