How to block an email address in mail

What you need to know

  • Apple Support has released two new how-to videos to its YouTube channel
  • The videos focus on features built into the Mail app on iOS 13
  • Learn how to block an email address and how to add a photo to your email

The Apple Support YouTube channel is a great place to pick up some tips on how to take your Apple devices and the software on them to the next level, and they have just updated it with a couple of new videos today. Both of the videos are how-tos designed to help you make more out of the built in Mail app on iOS.

The first how-to video shows you how to block a sender's email address. Spam mail, or any mail you don't want to receive, is a problem that we all have to deal with. While Apple does have some filtering that help automatically sort certain mail directly to the junk folder, you have the ability to block mail from an email address manually as well. The video instructs you how to mark an email address as blocked and what to do with emails from that sender.

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The second video teaches you how to attach a photo to an email you are composing. The way to do this has changed with iOS 13, so this should help those who noticed that things have changed when it comes to attachments in the Mail app.

Both of these videos show off nice features of the new Mail app in iOS 13 and will not only help you get less unwanted mail, but send better looking mail as well.