Apple takes home an Emmy Award for 'Misunderstood' commercial

Apple has won an Emmy Award for the category of outstanding commercial in 2014 for its Misunderstood ad. The commercial debuted late last year in the 2013 Holiday season and shows how the iPhone can be used to capture and record, edit, and share memories for the holidays.

The Misunderstood campaign shows how Apple products work together, showcasing a misunderstood teen who sits by his lonesome apart from the family holiday festivities using his iPhone 5s. What his family doesn't understand until he shares with them on the Apple TV using AirPlay technology, was that he was filming these memories and editing them into a wonderful family keepsake movie.

If you're interested in seeing Apple take home the Emmy, the award show will happen on August 25th.

The commercial was produced by Apple ad agency partner TBWA. While there have been rumors of a rift between Apple and TBWA, the Emmy shows that this long-time partnership has resulted in some outstanding campaigns, with Misunderstood being one of the latest.

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Source: 9to5 Mac

Chuong H Nguyen