Apple Tower Theater ConceptSource: Cultural Heritage Commission

What you need to know

  • Apple Tower Theater will open on June 27.
  • The store has undergone an extensive restoration project.

After three years of restoration work, Apple Tower Theater in LA's Broadway Theater District is set to open on June 24.

Architects Foster + Partners have been working to bring the site back to its former glory including details that will remind everyone of the building's beginnings – but that doesn't mean changes aren't going to be apparent as Curbed reported back in 2018.

The Tower would be restored by Foster and Partners and receive seismic retrofits. A sole rendering of the post-renovation Tower shows a whiter, brighter interior, with many of the structure's stunning interior details on display.

The folk at 9to5Mac have more details about the new store, including the fact the namesake clock tower has received some attention, too.

In 2018, Apple began restoring the vacant building, repairing and cleaning its terracotta tile exterior and preserving original French Renaissance-style details inside. The theater's namesake clock tower has been rehabilitated, and the original 1927 marquee recreated with cast metal details and operable reader board signs.

All of this will be worthwhile when Apple opens its new store on June 24. If you're visiting the store and take photos, we'd love to see them. Hit us up on Twitter!

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Nobody quite does retail stores like Apple and Apple Tower Theater is just the latest example of that. Apple Stores are as much landmarks as they are places to buy things and that's sure to be the case once more when the world returns to normal.