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If you're waiting on an Apple TV 3 (1080p) jailbreak, keep waiting...

If you have been patiently waiting for a jailbreak to be released for the third generation Apple TV (1080p) then you are going to be in for a huge disappointment. According to iOS jailbreaker pod2g, he is not working on a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3 and he is not aware of anyone else who is either.

ATV3 jailbreak: I have no news sadly, I'm not currently working on it nor anyone that I'm aware of. Sorry...

The third generation Apple TV was released way back in March of this year and has yet to see any development on the jailbreak front. The second generation Apple TV has been jailbroken now on all iOS software versions, and is a hugely capable media center once Apple’s restrictions have been bypassed. You can then run XBMC and other media management apps which will let you access media stored on file servers and play media types not supported by Apple.

The lack of any progress with a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3 will make the used market for Apple TV 2’s go into overdrive; due to the huge interest in jailbreaking the device. I sold my second generation Apple TV a few months back and it sold for nearly double the amount that I paid for it. If you aren’t interested in jailbreaking your second gen Apple TV, now may be the time to cash in on it and get the third generation model and have money left over. If you do decide to upgrade in this way, you can look forward to some 1080p content and some spare cash too.

Have you been waiting patiently for an Apple TV 3 jailbreak? If you have, are you going to look at different alternatives now that it looks like you may have to wait a whole lot longer?

Source: @pod2g

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  • Who on earth would pay twice the original price for an old 720p ATV2 when you can buy much more capable/hackable 1080p devices from other manufacturers for under $100?! (ie. Vizeo CoStar, Roku, etc) XBMC on GTV FTW!
  • So glad I didn't buy one on hope alone. I've got 2xATV 2 jailbroken with XBMC and was considering getting an ATV 3 for our 59" Samsung plasma for the 1080p bump, and I'm glad I didn't. XBMC is a MUST on the ATV. Here's hoping one of the devs get a hankerin' for some 1080p jailbroken action.
  • um why are people stupid its called an hdmi cable and internet. I laugh at idiots who spend more then 3 bucks required to watch shit...
  • I must be missing something, because I see no reason to jailbreak my ATV3. I could AirPlay or Home Share just about anything, and now with Mountain Lion, I can AirPlay EVERYTHING. So....why?
  • At least someone has got A sense of humour
  • Pretty sure FireCore said they were working on a seas0npass update?
  • I bought the atv2 and its a great device once jailbroken. I had also bought the Apple Mac Mini which is a great desktop and entertainment system. If I would have know that xbmc was mac compatible I probably wouldnt have bought the atv2 but im still glad i did. I have 2 tvs in my room. One for a monitor and one for the atv2. I sometimes look something up when im watching atv2 and since the atv2 is small and easy to carry, i use it downstairs. Sure you can always use a laptop and carry it and hook it up to a tv but it can cause issues. For those who cant understand why you would spend more than 3 bucks, a lot of people do since it was only $99 when it came out. I would suggest the Mac Mini to anyone looking for an entertainment centre. Get yourself a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, hook the mini up to your 40"-60" tv, install xbmc, boxee and enjoy. You also have access to itunes and any media on your hard drive. Use plex when your out on your android tablet or phone. Surf the net on your huge tv monitor and enjoy. Sure it costs a lot more $599 but with Mac OS you dont have to worry about spending money on antivirus, malware, registry fix softwares so get rid of that clunky, large desktop pc, monitor etc and enjoy relaxing on your couch via bluetooth and your huge monitor/tv. You could get rid of the cable bill and your cheesy movie package which plays the same movies over and over. The apple tv2 is stilk good to have for the upstairs tv or basement and to take with you on vacations or visiting friends and family overnight. I hope that answered the cheepies and help anyone looking to get a great all in one option for entertaiment. Also, for those with the atv3, be patient, a jailbreak will come and dont be surprised if there will be an appstore possibility and apps on the atv2&3. Airplay works but being able to use apps without airplay will always be better since its directly installed instead of connecting through another device. Atv does have bluetooth which is not activated but can be activated for keyboards and im sure a way will be provided for gaming extras for the apps. I hope this helps.
  • I don't know what to tell, but I jailbreak my Apple Tv 3, and work good. I use this service for me and work very good. I hope help. Thanks
  • The site is fake. While a good fake at that, there's no way to download the file without infecting a computer with viruses/spyware. Nice Try.
  • This here work now if still like to Jailbreak Apple TV 3
  • No one has successfully jailbroken an Apple TV 3. Only Apple TV 2 can be jailbroken (using the free Seasonpass software from Firecore).
  • This is good guide to jailbreak apple tv 3 and work for me