Apple VR leak suggests 2022 release time frame, key features

Apple Vr
Apple Vr (Image credit: The Information)

What you need to know

  • A bunch of Apple VR details just leaked.
  • Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the product will drop in the middle of 2022.
  • Kuo also revealed the suggested price and several key features.

A new Apple VR leak has revealed how Apple's own headset could challenge the best VR headsets available right now.

In a research note seen by iMore, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that AR and VR is the next key technology of human-machine interfacing, and is one of the reasons Apple has invested so heavily in the project.

Kuo states that Apple has three products in the works, an AR/VR headset, a lightweight pair of Glasses, and unbelievably, a pair of AR contact lenses.

On Apple's VR headset Kuo lists a number of expected details:

  1. The product will launch in mid-2022
  2. Current prototypes weigh 2-300 grams, but Apple is aiming for 1-200 grams, considerably less than most competitors
  3. It will offer a "video see-through AR experience" through micro-LED
  4. The complexity of design is higher than that of the iPhone, so Kuo estimates the price will be $1,000
  5. It will be an independent product, so it won't need a base computer or device for processing
  6. It will be more "portable" than mobile
  7. It will have a "very smooth display" and focus on MR/AR operations
  8. Kuo also says the immersive experience will "significantly surpass existing VR products"
  9. It will be highly integrated with Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

Kuo says Apple also has a lightweight pair of glasses coming in 2025, and yes as we mentioned, after 2030, Apple could release a pair of AR/VR contact lenses. Unreal.

The news echoes other reports Apple's VR headset is coming next year. Another previous report claims the headset could cost $3,000 and feature two 8K displays.

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