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What you need to know

  • Thieves in Manhattan are targeting Apple store customers.
  • 15 thefts have been reported by customers who had recently made purchases at Apple.
  • Video shows one man snatching a $2,400 MacBook from a woman at a nail salon.

Apple says it is warning customers to be vigilant after a spate of thefts targeting customers in Manhattan.

According to CBS New York, 15 thefts have been reported to the police since June 30, by Apple store customers who were targeted after purchasing goods and leaving the store.

From the report:

It's a crime the NYPD says has been happening all across the city since June 30. The most recent incident happened this past Sunday.

The crimes leave Brandon Woods feeling uneasy after walking out of an Apple Store with an $80 charger.

"I definitely need to put this in my bag and just hold on real tight," Woods said.

So far, police say a total of 15 thefts have been reported.

Video footage shared by the outlet shows a man snatching a $2,400 MacBook from a woman sitting in a nail salon. The police believe the suspect spotted the woman leaving the Apple store and followed her to a nail salon on the Upper West Side.

An Apple spokesperson said it was aware of the thefts and was encouraging people to take precautions when leaving its stores. Police are also reportedly conducting surveillance outside stores, and photos of alleged thieves have been released. Police also believe that those responsible are working together to take advantage of customers. One security expert told CBS that customers should avoid being an easy target and that a luxury item "does not have to be in a bag that's screaming out, hey, I have an expensive item."