Apple warns of iPhone 13 Music backup issues, offers solution

Apple Music iPadOS
Apple Music iPadOS (Image credit: Adam Oram / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple has acknowledged an issue with Apple Music catalogs on new products.
  • It is affecting the iPhone 13, new iPad mini, and ninth-generation iPad.
  • Apple says the fix is to simply update your software.

Apple has acknowledged an issue with Apple Music when setting up some of its new devices and says the fix is simply to update your software.

In a new support document Apple states:

If you restore your new iPhone or iPad from a backup, you might not be able to access the Apple Music catalog, Apple Music settings, or use Sync Library on your new device. To resolve this, update your new iPhone or iPad.

The issue is impacting the iPhone 13 (all variants), as well as the iPad and iPad mini 6.

Apple says to resolve the issue, users should simply go to general settings and update their software to the latest version of iOS 15.

All of the usual teething problems regarding new software and devices are popping up this week, with Apple's new iPhone 13 arriving in stores today. iOS 15 came out at the start of the week, and one big issue users have noticed is a problem with storage capacity. From Thursday:

Users of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on devices like the iPhone 12 and iPad Air are complaining of persistent 'storage almost full' warnings despite having lots of space left on their device.Users across the interweb, many of them on Twitter, have noted that since updating their iPhone to iOS 15, they've been met with repeated 'iPhone Storage Almost Full' warnings inside the settings app on iPhone, despite the fact they have huge amounts of free space.

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