Apple Watch battery life — What you need to know!

According to what was shown off during the Spring forward event, that same advice still holds true. You can absolutely keep wearing the Apple Watch all night and it might see you into the next day, but then you'll have to charge it when you want to be using it. So, every night it is.

And now we have our first real details of how long it will last. Said Apple CEO Tim Cook at the event: 18 hours.

Again, battery life is the price you pay for features — full color Retina display and Bluetooth 4.0 both radiate power. Apple is being as power-efficient as they can be with everything from notifications to sensors, but if you use it, you're going to use it. And the more you use it, the faster it's going to drain that battery.

The value is in the those features you get in return. Charge it at night, enjoy all the information, tracking, remote control, Apple Pay, communications, and more during the day.

Rene Ritchie

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