Apple Watch Edition buyers said to get premium support for their $10,000+ purchase

It's not terribly surprising to hear that Apple's planning to roll out the red carpet for Apple Watch Edition buyers. The solid 18-karat gold casings that will demand from $10,000 up to $17,000 are reportedly going to come with premium perks for customers, including private appointments in Apple Stores and a dedicated support line.

According to 9to5Mac, the perks are many:

Longer, Private Appointments: Apple plans to complete in-store Apple Watch Edition purchases during special appointments within a dedicated, private Apple Watch Edition try-on area. The Apple Watch Edition will have its own try-on table separate from the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport, and the purchasing process will last up to one hour, including 30 minutes for simply trying on the highest end Apple Watch. (There will be 5 to 15-minute appointments for the other models.)Virtual Personal Setup: Apple will allow a customer to video conference from home with an online Apple Store employee to learn about the Apple Watch. This program will be offered to both Edition and standard stainless steel Apple Watch buyers. However, Apple Watch Edition customers will be given an exclusive, dedicated Apple Watch Edition phone line for two years of 24/7 technical support (in English). With AppleCare+, this is upgraded to three years.No Waiting In Line: Unlike stainless steel Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport customers, those seeking to buy the Apple Watch Edition will not have to wait in a line. Sources say that potential Edition buyers will have priority access to assistance, effectively skipping the line of other waiting customers. Experts will be able to help a couple of customers try-on Watches simultaneously, unlike standard employees who will simultaneously help as many stainless steel and Sport customers as necessary.

In addition, Apple Watch Edition and steel Apple Watch will have a "virtual personal setup" option to allow the new owner to engage in a video chat set-up of their new smartwatch. And even though the luxury-level Edition won't be available in every store, the appointment necessary to try one one will summon a courier to bring the fancy gold watch to the store. One thing to note, regardless of the Apple Watch model you're considering, is that Apple won't be offering business pricing, financing, or bulk-purchase discounts at launch.

Those that aren't looking to spend several thousand dollars on an Apple Watch, however, can expect to still get the standard 90 days of complimentary support and a 1-year hardware warranty with the base model $375 Apple Watch Sport. AppleCare+ will also be available for all Apple Watch models, adding a year to warranty coverage and providing accidental damage coverage.

If you're looking for an Apple Watch that's not on the "gently-used car" side of the pricing spectrum, Apple will still have a watch-buying system set up for you. Customers looking to buy an Apple Watch in-store will be taken to a display table with an array of Apple Watches inside on display with demo screens running. Drawers locked by employee-held RFID keys will store the actual Apple Watches used in try-on in special charging docks. Try-on watches will also be running a demo loop, though the "taptic" feedback engine will be enabled so customers can get a feel for what they'll be feeling. Once a customer's picked out a watch, they'll be able to use the Personal Setup stations in Apple Stores to get their watch set up and paired with their iPhones.

Apple Watch in-store previews and pre-orders are kicking off on April 10, with sales and shipments starting on April 24.

Source: 9to5Mac (Edition perks, Sales proceess, Business sales)

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