Apple Watch Edition Series 3 Unboxing

This year, Apple Watch Editor Series 3 also comes in space gray. Ceramic space gray.

Apple Watch Series 3 comes in several versions again this year, including a new version the ceramic Edition in space gray. Unlike, Stainless Steel, the Edition packaging retains its rounded, plastic inner box and the bonus Apple Watch charging dock inside.

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Compared to the white ceramic, the space gray ceramic is definitely not as bright. The entire look is more subdued — almost stealth. Where the white demands attention in its own right, the space grey lets the strap be the star. Not the interface gray strap included in the box, but any colorful strap you choose to jazz it up with later.

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Compared to Apple's other dark watch finishes, the ceramic is distinct. Space gray aluminum has that familiar metallic look to it. It's darker than the space gray Apple uses on iPhone and iPad, though not as dark as the matt black on iPhone 7. It's also not as dark as the DLC (diamond-like carbon) coated steel of the space black. That watch looks and feels like something The Batman would wear. The space gray ceramic doesn't look or feel like metal at all. It's more... alien. Almost Kryptonian. Stealth remains the only word that really fits the finish.

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More on the Apple Watch Edition Series 3 to come.