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What you need to know

  • Apple is expected to announce Apple Watch Series 6 tomorrow.
  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that it isn't all that different in design than Apple Watch Series 5.
  • We'll need to wait until next year for a big redesign.

Apple is expected to announce Apple Watch Series 6 tomorrow and even though rumors of a new low-cost Apple Watch are also circling, it's the new flagship that everyone is excited about. But according to a new research note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we shouldn't expect a new design this time around.

The remark came with Apple expected to add a blood oxygen sensor to Apple Watch for the first time with this year's release and it appears that might be the big selling point in 2020. Those hoping for a new, sleek design are set to be disappointed. At least it sounds like we'll get new colors this year.

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Instead, Kuo says that "significant" changes in appearance won't come until 2H21, or Apple Watch Series 7.

That's going to be bad news for those hoping for something a little flashier in 2020, but the fact is the addition of a blood oxygen sensor is just as sexy. It could allow Apple Watch to save more lives than ever and, arguably, that's way more important than shaving a few tenths of a millimeter off a watch's thickness.

Not that I'd say no to that as well! As for the rest of Kuo's research note, he had plenty to say about iPhone 12. And that wasn't the best of news, either.