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What you need to know

  • Apple Watch Series 6 is the first to include a blood oxygen sensor.
  • Apple has updated its support documentation to show where the feature will be available.
  • It looks like it will be available to everyone.

Apple Watch Series 6 will be the first to offer a blood oxygen sensor and according to an updated support document, Apple's wearable will enable that feature for all users. Or, at least, the vast majority.

Whereas Apple's ECG functionality requires local health authorities to sign off on it – which is why it isn't available to everyone – that doesn't appear to be the case with blood oxygen sensing. As a result, the feature is good to go in a whole bunch of countries.

The full list of countries that will support Apple Watch Series 6's blood oxygen sensor include:

Apple Watch Blood Oxygen CompatibilitySource: iMore

Those taking advantage of the feature will be able to measure their blood oxygen levels via the Blood Oxygen app in a way similar to the ECG app. A reading will be taken and the results will be saved to the Health app should it be required later.

Apple announced Apple Watch Series 6 during its September special event just a couple of days ago. Pre-orders are already available for the new watch, with wearables set to arrive on the wrists of lucky punters this coming Friday.

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