Apple Watch Series 7 Lifestyle Press PhotoSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple's new Apple Watch Series 7 does come in 41mm and 45mm configurations as was rumored.
  • The new watch will continue to work with existing watch bands, despite the change in size.

Following yesterday's California Streaming announcement we're still awaiting news on when Apple Watch Series 7 will go on sale. We do know a couple of things, though — starting with the fact that the new watch will be sold in 41mm and 45mm configurations.

That's a rumor that at first seemed attached to claims of a full Apple Watch redesign. That didn't happen, but Apple has been able to make the screens larger "while minimally changing the dimensions of the overall case size."

The stunning display of Apple Watch Series 7 offers nearly 20 percent more screen area and thinner borders at just 1.7 mm — 40 percent smaller than those on Apple Watch Series 6. Through an innovative design that maximizes the screen area while minimally changing the dimensions of the overall case size, Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes. While the wrist is down, the Always-On Retina display is up to 70 percent brighter indoors than that of Apple Watch Series 6, making it easier to see the watch face without having to lift the wrist or wake the display.

Apple Watch Series 7 Colors PressSource: Apple

Some rumors had suggested that a change in Apple Watch screen size could lead to a problem for existing watch band collectors — namely, their bands might not work with the new watches. Thankfully, Apple has also confirmed that isn't the case at all — any band you already own will work just fine with Apple Watch Series 7. What's more, any of the new Apple Watch bands announced during yesterday's event will work equally well with your older Apple Watch, too.

Emphasis mine:

The Apple Watch Series 7 collection unveils five brand new aluminum case colors, including midnight, starlight, green, and a new blue and (PRODUCT)RED, along with an exciting palette of Apple Watch bands compatible with all models of Apple Watch. Additionally, Apple Watch Series 7 offers backward compatibility with previously released Apple Watch bands. Stainless steel models, Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3 continue in existing colors.

That's great to hear and it means that we can all upgrade to the best Apple Watch ever made without having to ditch our existing collection of bands in the process.

Now we wait for Apple to tell us exactly when we'll be able to do that.