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Apple Watches aren't often known to have big discounts throughout the year, so it's surprising and exciting that the entire lineup of Apple's top-of-the-range Smartwatch has seen an impressive $70 off full price. Yes, that includes all the colors available on Amazon, as well as the GPS and cellular models. There really hasn't been a better time to grab an Apple Watch Series 7 - on pretty much all the models and colors, this is the lowest price they've been. That's not bad for what we called the best Apple Watch

The cheapest Apple Watch 7 deal yet

Apple Watch Series 7 Promo

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS

This is the best price that the Apple Watch Series 7 has seen since its release last year! This price is for every single color in the lineup as well, so you're spoilt for choice!

The Apple Watch Series 7 is Apple's most recent release into the wearables space and boasts some incredibly alluring specs. A sumptuous always-on retina display dominates the face, while the water-resistant aluminum case hides a swathe of different sensors, including a blood oxygen meter, sleep monitoring, and an advanced collection of ECG generators. The strap is a comfy silicone band that can be changed out for anything else in Apple's strap range, so if you fancy a change later on down the line, there's an incredible range of options on offer.

Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular

Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular

The Cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 7 will let you take your watch anywhere, without the need for an iPhone to be anywhere nearby - which is super helpful if you're a runner or a cyclist and don't want a big bulky phone in your pocket!

It's still more expensive than the Apple Watch SE, but that particular model lacks the surprisingly useful ECG sensor and has a much smaller screen. The price drop makes it now much cheaper as well than the Apple Watch Hermes, the designer option only available from Apple or Hermes themselves - although if you were ever serious about one of those, you'll not likely be looking at price reductions in the first place.

So unless you're looking for a snazzy Milanese loop watch band, the bragging rights of having a 'space-grade titanium' watch, or have at least an extra $400 burning a hole in your pocket, this is the Apple Watch to go for - While perhaps not as fashionable as the more expensive stainless steel or titanium options, it boasts all the same features, while being worth the extra over the Apple Watch SE.

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