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What you need to know

  • Apple Card recently offered 6% Daily Cash instead of the usual 3%.
  • The company has confirmed this rate was given out in error.
  • Despite this, it will honor the rate for those who were given it.

Apple has confirmed that Apple Card users who got 6% Daily Cash instead of 3% in error will have the rate honored.

Earlier this week Apple Card users noted they were being offered a 6% daily Cash rate, applied to all purchases made on Apple Card. The company now says this was not supposed to happen, but that anyone who bought something on the rate will get their 6%. In an email Apple stated:

You may have noticed that a recent Apple purchase was eligible for 6% Daily Cash instead of the standard 3% Daily Cash.

This was an error due to a system issue, however, in addition to the 3% Daily Cash that you already received for this purchase, we will be providing you with a one-time credit for an additional 3% Daily Cash back — totaling 6% Daily Cash for that purchase.

You'll see the one-time credit appear as a Balance Adjustment in the Wallet app. This will also appear on your October monthly statement.

As a reminder, future purchases at Apple are eligible for and will earn unlimited 3% Daily Cash. If you have any questions, contact an Apple Card specialist.

Apple has offered 6% Daily Cash in the past as limited-time offers, however the rate is usually 3%. This could mean that some lucky customers might get up to 6% back if they've bought any of Apple's recently-announced new products using their card, such as the iPhone 13, or the new MacBook Pro (2021), the company's recently-announced best MacBook.