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What you need to know

  • Apple does not deliver to PO boxes.
  • Apple's online store confuses Boxted's address with PO box addresses.

Apple's policy of not delivering products to PO boxes is fine, most of the time. But for people living in Boxted, near Colchester in England, it's downright annoying. The reason? Apple's online store thinks they all live inside a PO box.

According to a Daily Mail report, one customer was so frustrated when trying to order an iPhone that she ended up giving up — and bought a Samsung Android phone instead.

Celine Driscoll, one of 1,400 people living in Boxted, points out that the village has a special place in history — seemingly of the belief that the Apple Store should know all about it.

The mum-of-two, who was buying a £400 iPhone, was amazed that Apple did not know about the village's place in history.

'Boxted has a famous airfield which played a vital part in World War II missions down to Germany.

Ignoring the ridiculousness of that quote for a moment, the problem is a very real one. Driscoll was seemingly trying to order an iPhone SE and clearly isn't the only one unable to place orders to Boxted. Is this an issue affecting any location with "box" in the name? Possibly!

As much as we love the iPhone SE, it isn't the best iPhone Apple sells. You should still be able to order one to be delivered to your home, though. Some people suggest that this is a relatively new situation and say they were able to order from the Apple Store at some point in the past. Whatever Apple did to break things, let's hope it gets fixed soon!

Before anyone else resorts to buying a Samsung!