26% of new vehicle owners would 'definitely consider' Apple Car

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Apple Car continues to remain a mythical rumor, however, a newly-published survey amongst new vehicle owners reveals that if Apple were indeed to release a car in the future it could be mighty popular. 

Figures published this week by Strategic Vision and first reported by Bloomberg have this week revealed that one in four new vehicle owners would consider a car built by Apple as a future purchase. 

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"Even though Apple has yet to announce plans to produce an automobile, the brand already has some of the highest future brand consideration among recent new vehicle buyers," Strategic Vision wrote this week. 

In 2022, the group added an Apple-branded vehicle to its list of forty-five automotive brands, asking new vehicle owners if they would consider it and how they feel about the quality of each. 

According to the figures, "Apple is the 3rd highest brand consideration with 26% of customers stating they would “Definitely Consider” an Apple-branded vehicle in the future," this is just behind Toyota (38%) and Honda (32%) but ahead of giant Ford and EV maker Tesla. 

Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards further noted that other automakers should be concerned by the "greater amount of Love" it generates compared to other manufacturers. Respondents gave Apple the highest score in terms of impression of quality in the whole list. 

Of course, with Apple's Car merely a figment of rumor at the moment, 34% said they didn't know enough about Apple's future car. 

Apple Car is expected to be an autonomous electric vehicle that could cost more than a Tesla if it is ever released. However, there are reports Apple could instead simply release an autonomous driving system that could be used by other manufacturers. The company recently unveiled the next generation of CarPlay, an ambitious attempt to route all of a vehicle's information and functionality through the iPhone and strong integration with the dashboard of future vehicles. 

Apple CarPlay

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