Apple is now worth more than $3 trillion...again

Tim Cook standing in front of the Vision Pro headset
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's share price jumped in the early trading on Friday, pushing the company's value over the massive milestone of $3 trillion for the second time in its history. 

Apple has once before climbed the summit of this mountain, but when it did so in January of 2022, shares fell before the end of the day's trading, such that Apple's stock has never closed beyond the magical $3 trillion number. 

Shares are now trading at $191.75, and have enjoyed a surge in sustained growth since the turn of the year. Apple shares peaked in mid-August last year at around $175, before falling to a low of $125 to begin 2023. Since then, the shares have been on an unstoppable march upward, culminating in today's record-breaking summit. 

Resurgent Apple

The rise tops off the first half of a year that has seen Apple unveil its incredible new MacBook Pro models, new Mac Studios, and more. In June, the company unveiled its first new product category since Apple Watch, debuting the stunning Apple Vision Pro AR headset. 

Set to launch early next year, CEO Cook described it as the first Apple product you look through and not at. It features AR experiences for watching movies and TV shows, sports, gaming, collaboration, work, video conferencing, and more. 

The company is looking ahead to its next best iPhone, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, which we'd expect to launch in September alongside the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra. 

According to a recent leak, the company is further planning a slew of new products including an M3 upgrade to its iMac and MacBook Pro range, as well as new OLED iPads, and the MacBook Air. 

Under the tenure of CEO Tim Cook, Apple has become a money-printing juggernaut buoyed by a burgeoning services sector that has eeked out more value and custom from existing iPhone users through subscriptions to Apple Music, TV Plus, Fitness Plus, iCloud, and more. 

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