This Apple patent could help turn you and your MacBook into a beat-bopping DJ duo

a picture of the Apple turntable patent
(Image credit: Apple)

Originally filed way back in June 2021 but only granted recently, a new Apple patent conceptualises a MacBook-like device with an interchangeable turntable. Designed for music makers and audio creators, the new feature could give more creative freedom in apps like Logic Pro and Garage band.

Though it seems designed to accommodate a more modular tablet-like device, it shows multiple connecting parts, suggesting that the turntable could be slotted to the side of existing devices in some form. 

Oh how the tables have turned

As originally reported by Gizmodo, this patent shows off a handful of designs intended to conceptualise a much more modular Apple ecosystem. It appears to follow the trend of many modern tablets — a single device with great built-in connectivity to accessories. 

The patent shows a screen connecting to a keyboard with a hinge, and also multiple screens connecting to one central stand. Obviously the most interesting thing is the turntable. Placed on the base underneath the central screen, the turntable appears to have room to play 7 or 10 inch vinyl records, with the ability to add a 12 inch vinyl if connected to the side of the keyboard.  

This means that you can mix and play records on the go, without an external power source. Though the patent doesn't yet show how their connection works, DJs in a club setting could potentially string two turntables together to mix records on the fly. 

The patent then goes on to shows these devices connect to each other physically. It specifically references a hinge on the base that connects each component. These are designed to pivot — giving users the ability to view the screen from a different angle.

As is the case with all patents, this doesn’t necessarily mean we will see a turntable paired with a future iPad or MacBook. It’s an indication of intent and creative thought — a sign of what Apple could potentially put out in the future. Though it’s a very cool project, we don’t and likely won't have any confirmation for some time. 

James Bentley

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