Tim Cook got declined for an Apple Card — and that's not all in new Goldman Sachs nuggets

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More details about the partnership between Apple and Goldman Sachs is emerging, laying out a relationship that gives the impression it was fractured from the start.

According to The Information, Apple CEO Tim Cook was testing the Apple Card service in signing up for one, and had gotten declined, because of his stature and risk of being phished by emails, calls, and much more.

The fractured relationship isn't new, with us wondering earlier this month if Apple Card has not been the success that both parties have been wishing for it.

The report tells a great story and goes into greater detail into why, but it does make us wonder if this explains why there's been no word of Apple Card arriving in other countries outside the U.S.

The beginning of the end?

Apple Card held in hand

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Tim being declined for an Apple Card is a funny scenario to imagine - but it's part and parcel of testing new products out. There are bound to be bugs like this, and much more concerning ones that can pop up during development.

But it can't have made a good first impression with Apple, and combined with the fact that Apple Card was responsible for $1 Billion of losses for Sachs, it makes sense that this is a marriage that looks to be nearing the end.

Around the world, there are plenty of banks that offer similar credit cards, such as Monzo and Revolut, but being able to use the Wallet app to easily manage your debt and payments is something that's still exclusive to the U.S. market.

Yet it looks like we're going to see this relationship last for a while yet, as both companies are allegedly locked into an agreement that doesn't expire anytime soon.

Let us know in the iMore Forums if you've been happy with Apple Card so far, and if you want to see any new features for it.

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  • iebock
    I have for the most part been happy with the Apple Card. I use it a lot to buy from Apple to get the 3% cash back. The integration into the iPhone is very good. I will say that it's not my primary card as the rewards are mediocre compared to many other cards. Daily Cash was innovative but the interesting this is that from things I have read in the last few days, it was a side effect from what Apple really wanted but Goldman couldn't deliver.

    Not sure how I would change it but I have some ideas.