When does Prime Day end? Deals you shouldn't miss before midnight

Prime Day July 11-12
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Amazon Prime Day is on the home stretch, with day two of the deals arriving right now. So when does Prime Day end? And how long do you have left to score the best deals on all your favorite gear from Apple and beyond?

How long is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day started on July 11 and runs for 48 hours until midnight on July 12. We're well into day two, so you've got the rest of the day to pick up a good deal.

When does Prime Day end?

Amazon Prime Day ends at midnight local time on July 12, so 23:59 BST, ET, and PT.

Do Prime Day deals last both days?

Yes, by and large, many of the deals that were live yesterday are persisting through day two of Prime Day. Some of them, like the M1 MacBook Air in the UK, are even better! However, some items are out of stock. There are also some new deals that were not available yesterday but are live today.

Do Prime Day deals change each day?

Yes, we've seen some deals get better on the second day of Prime Day, as well as some deals that are no longer live. However, if you bought something on day one and the price got better on day 2, Amazon will refund you the difference. 

When is the next Amazon Prime Day?

The next Amazon Prime Day probably won't be until next July. However, Amazon does sometimes hold a second event later in the year, usually October or November. 

Prime Day deals you shouldn't miss before midnight

MacBook Air M1 |£999£739 at Amazon

MacBook Air M1 | £999 £739 at Amazon

The best MacBook deal got even cheaper on day two, now just £739!

Price check: Apple £999

Apple Watch Series 8 |$399$279 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 8 | $399 $279 at Amazon

This is the Prime Day deal we've been waiting for, an amazing saving of $120 brings the Apple Watch Series 8 to a new low price of $279. 

Price check: Apple $399 | Best Buy $399

iPad mini |$499$379 at Amazon

iPad mini | $499 $379 at Amazon

With Prime Day now officially live, the iPad mini gets an all-time new low price of just $379, a massive 25% saving on this fun-sized tablet for all ages. 

Price check: Apple $499B&H Photo $499 | Best Buy $499

AirPods Pro 2 |$249 $199 at Amazon

AirPods Pro 2 | $249 $199 at Amazon

Prime Day has kicked off, and Apple's amazing noise-canceling earbuds are just $199, a 20% saving that matches the previous best deal. 

Price Check: Apple $249 | B&H Photo $224 | Best Buy $249

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