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What you need to know

  • AppleCare+ is now available in Norway.
  • The service extends your standard warranty on Apple products, as well as providing two instances of accidental damage per year.
  • Apple has recently made several favorable changes to the service.

Update, September 22, 10:24 ET: MacRumors has confirmed that AppleCare+ is now available in both Finland and Denmark too.

Apple has quietly rolled out AppleCare+ to customers in Norway, granting them all the benefits of an extended warranty as well as accidental damage cover on some of its products.

Reported by MacRumors:

AppleCare+ is now available in Norway, according to Apple's Norwegian website. Previously, ‌AppleCare‌ was the only option in Norway for Apple devices.

Applecare+ provides users with an extended warranty on their devices, as well as coverage for instances of accidental damage, with an excess of course.

Apple recently made a few key changes to its AppleCare+ service.

Firstly, it has added monthly payment options to more customers including those in the UK and Germany. This option, however, is not currently available in Norway.

Secondly, it has increased the number of accidental damage instances, doubling the coverage to two incidents a year. From that report:

Reported by MacRumors, Apple has updated its AppleCare+ protection plan to now cover two incidents of accidental damage every twelve months. Previously, AppleCare+ had only covered two incidents of accidental damage every twenty-four months.

According to the report, the change in coverage applies to all Apple products eligible for AppleCare+ coverage, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Finally, Apple has increased the eligibility period of AppleCare+. Where previously customers had just 60 days to decide on AppleCare+, they now have an entire year to purchase the plan after buying a device in the U.S. and Canada. Any respective device will be checked for damage before the plan can be added.

AppleCare+ in Norway is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Displays, iPods, and some headphones in the country, but not Apple TV.