2019 FCPX Creative Summit promises 'some surprises from the Apple product team'

Apple Park Visitor Center
Apple Park Visitor Center (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • The 2019 Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit at Cupertino is happening November 7-9.
  • The description of the event claims there will be "some surprises from the Apple product team".
  • Twitter murmurings suggest that it could mean a launch... or nothing at all.

The description for the 5th annual Final Cut Pro Creative Summit at Cupertino claims that there will be "some surprises from the Apple product team."

The Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit is an annual gathering of video editing experts, hosted in part at Apple Campus and Apple Park Visitor Center. The event is produced by futuremediaconferences in association with Apple. The event info states:

This unique event is where the Apple FCPX Professionals come together to learn, discuss craft, and get a peek behind the curtain in Cupertino.Sessions are designed for most intermediate and advanced users. The Creative Summit features a variety of programming that includes keynote users, case studies, and education around editorial and post in the FCPX/Apple ecosystem.The Apple Professional Applications group will also give a presentation at the main Apple campus. There is no other event where such an opportunity exists.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman took to Twitter overnight to highlight the cryptic phrasing.


FCPX (Image credit: FCPX Creative Summit)
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Gurman himself was very quick to clarify that the chances of something good being revealed at a third-party Final Cut Pro conference are low to say the least. However, Aaron Zollo was quick to point out that last year Apple showed off some new hardware, and postulated that something big might be coming:

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Apple did indeed showcase some new hardware at last year's event, including the space gray Mac Mini, updated MacBook Pros (featuring Radeon Pro Vega Graphics cards) and the Blackmagic eGPU Pro. It also showed off some new software features, such as batch rendering.

It's important to note here that last year Apple did not release any "brand-new" or surprise products, rather this was a showcase of updated/tweaked/previously announced/already existent hardware. You could be forgiven for arguing that it's a stretch to imagine Apple could launch a product like the rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro at a third-party software event. It would certainly be less of a leap to suggest that Apple could roll out the new Mac Pro, announced at WWDC earlier this year, which is still listed on Apple's website as "coming this fall."

With all that being said, as previously mentioned the chances of something big dropping are very low, fortunately, we only have 23 hours 17 minutes and 3 seconds to wait... not that we're counting.

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