Apple's alleged Tile competitor leaked in new photo

What you need to know

  • A new image of Apple's Tile-like tracker has been leaked.
  • The tracker will be integrated with iOS 13's new Find My app.
  • The accessory will supposedly feature a removable battery.

Over the past few months, we've heard rumors about Apple developing a Tile-like device to find lost items. Thanks to a new leak, we have what appears to be a fresh look at the rumored accessory, along with details about its capabilities.

MacRumors allegedly got its hands on an internal build of iOS 13, which included an image of Apple's new accessory. The circular tag (codenamed B389) will seemingly be white and feature an Apple logo in the center. The image matches an earlier leak from the summer.


AppleTag (Image credit: MacRumors)

Apple users will supposedly be able to attach the tag to a device and keep track of its whereabouts through Apple's revamped Find My app. According to a previous MacRumors report, the Tile-like device will offer leashing and ARKit features.

When Apple's Tile-like accessory does launch, Find My will supposedly feature an "Items" tab, which will show users the location of personal belongings. If a tagged item is out of range, users will receive a notification, according to MacRumors.

User will be able to set up "Safe Locations"—your home, for example—so they won't be notified if they leave the tag behind. If you do lose a tagged item, Find My will notify users when another iPhone user comes across the lost item.

Finally, MacRumors claims Apple's Tile-like device could feature a removable battery, so you won't have to replace the tag when it dies.

Apple is holding an event on September 10, where the company could unveil its rumored tracker. We're also expecting to see the iPhone 11 and possibly even a new MacBook Pro and Apple Watch.

Brandon Russell