Apple's HealthKit won't track fitness data from Android Wear

Google's Android Wear won't share fitness data with Apple's HealthKit platform, company spokespeople confirmed today. Instead, fitness data, such as step count and hear rate, will only be tracked through the Google Fit dashboard, rather than Apple's health dashboard. From Buzzfeed News:

An Apple spokeswoman confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Android Wear won't integrate with HealthKit, Apple's platform for developers of health and fitness apps. She also said that decision was entirely Google's.Google also confirmed that Android Wear–gathered fitness data would bypass HealthKit. "That said, Android Wear on iOS absolutely supports the mass majority of Wear features we see our Android users using and loving," a company spokeswoman said in an email.

While this news doesn't come as much of a surprise, it does point to a problem for those who would prefer to keep their fitness data within the confines of Apple's ecosystem. However, Google also isn't alone in this decision, as Fitbit has foregone sharing fitness data with Apple's HealthKit as well.

Android Wear made its debut on iOS yesterday, opening up the wide array of smartwatches based on the platform to iPhone users for the first time. However, it remains to be seen whether this will help Google gain any ground with its wearable platform.

Source: Buzzfeed News

Dan Thorp-Lancaster