Apple's smartphone business grew by 41 percent in India last year

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max side-by-side
iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max side-by-side (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple was the fastest-growing premium smartphone brand in India in 2019.
  • It recorded growth of 41% year-on-year.
  • That was fuelled in part by price cuts to the iPhone XR, and a good response to the iPhone 11.

2019 figures show that Apple was the fastest-growing premium smartphone brand in India in 2019, recording 41% growth YoY.

According to Counterpoint Research:

Apple was the fastest growing premium smartphone brand in 2019 with 41% YoY driven by multiple price cuts on iPhone XR throughout the year. Apple iPhone XR was the number one ultra-premium smartphone model in India followed by Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus and OnePlus 7 Pro. Additionally, this year Apple saw the fastest rollout of its new iPhones (11 series) in India with aggressive pricing and channel strategy. In fact the new series especially iPhone 11 was introduced at a lower price point than the last year's iPhone XR launch. This has helped to gain share during the festive season and in its launch quarter in India

Looking ahead, Counterpoint says it expects "the strongest 2020 for Apple in India". This is in part due to Apple's expansion into India in a production capacity. Apple now manufactures iPhones in the country, which will help Apple to offer more competitive pricing in India.

As the report notes Apple's success and growth have been driven mostly by reductions in price to its smartphone lineup. In particular, the iPhone XR, which was the number one ultra-premium smartphone in the country. Apple was also able to take advantage of a swift rollout of the iPhone 11, and more competitive pricing.

One key aspect of Apple's Indian operation, which is no doubt holding back its progress in the nation, is its lack of a brick-and-mortar presence in the country. Recently, it was reported that Apple's first-ever India store might be delayed until 2021. Currently, Apple is aiming at a deadline in the quarter between July and September this year.

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