Apple Store entrance

What you need to know

  • Apple will open its relocated The Woodlands Mall store on September 14th.
  • The new store is perfectly situated.
  • It's two stores down from the current Apple Store.

Apple is working to make sure all of its retail stores are ready for iPhone day on September 20th, and that includes opening a new store at The Woodlands Mall in Texas. The store opens on September 14th.

The new store is actually an old one that's moving down a couple of doors. The previous store opened in 2005 and features an aging design that was in need of a refresh. Instead of giving it a lick of paint, Apple is opening a brand new store just inside the mall's main entrance. The new store was previously two different spaces and has been merged to give Apple a wide open entrance.

That spacious entrance is part of Apple's new Apple Store design and visitors can expect other changes, as 9to5Mac points out.

Customers can expect the new store's design to match the aesthetic and general layout of Apple Altamonte, which reopened on September 6 in Florida. Houston's Apple Memorial City also features a similar design. With a video wall and Forum with seating, Apple will be able to offer a more immersive experience for Today at Apple creative sessions. These sessions will include new 15-minute Quick Tips to teach customers about popular iPhone 11 features.

The Woodlands isn't the only store joining the fold ahead of September 20th, either. Louisville's Oxmoor store reopens after renovation work on September 14th, too.

September 20th is set to be a big day in Apple Stores around the globe, with new iPhones and Apple Watches going on sale for the first time.