How to apply a screen protector to your iPad [sponsored]

If you're looking to protect your big, beautiful iPad screen from scratches or just cut down on the glare, here's a quick how-to on applying a screen protector to your iPad.

It's a simple process but one that needs to be done right, so take your time and check out the step-by-steps and video after the break!

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  1. Make sure your hands are clean, then make sure your iPad screen is clean. Use a good quality cleaning solution like iKlenz if you have one, and a microfiber cloth. Compressed air can help eradicate any lingering dust.
  2. Make sure your hands are still clean (we really can't stress that enough) and then carefully get the protector ready. It will depend on the exact brand (the TiPb iPad accessory store has several in stock) but usually this involves carefully peeling the backing off the application side of the screen.
  3. Begin applying the screen protector to the Home button edge first, this will give you an extra guiding point. Take your time and peel back if needed to make sure you get a clean, straight fit.
  4. Slowly lower more of the protector into place. Don't worry about bubbles yet. As long as there's no dust (you made sure of that, right?) you'll be fine.
  5. When the iPad screen protector is fully in place, gently start working out the bubbles. A credit card edge or your microfiber cloth can help with this.

That's it. You now have a screen protector properly installed on your iPad, with all the scratch-resistance and anti-glare (depending on model) goodness that goes with it.

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Your friendly neighborhood accessories guru

  • putting a screen protector on an iphone is hard enough, but i shudder to think of the difficulty on the ipad. thank god for the oleophobic screen on the 3gs!
  • I just get the invisibleshield kiosk to do it.
  • Why would you put a screen protector on that beautiful piece of glass. I had the original 2g iPhone for 2 years and beat the living he'll out of it. The screen was almost completely scratchless. Unless your looking for a privacy screen there is no need
  • WTF is up with this sausage fest? Uh we want the chicks doing the videos not you hairy ugly men.
  • I had a protector on it for the fist 2 weeks then removed it. The screen is 10,000 times nicer without it. I'll risk the scratch to look at that perfect screen unobstructed.
    I love my baby
  • Here's why you'd want a screen protector on iPad: Because the oleophobic coating wears off. Don't believe me? Believe Apple: "The ability of this coating to repel oil will diminish over time with normal usage, and rubbing the screen with an abrasive material will further diminish its effect and may scratch your screen." iPad manual, p. 26
  • do you really have to wait 12 hours to turn on your iPad after applying the screen protector?
  • it is hard to say,but just believe me,it is easy.