Adobe Firefly AI finds its way to Illustrator, available as a beta for Mac

Adobe Illustrator Generate Pallete with Firefly AI
(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe is ramping up its AI efforts across its suite of apps, with another gaining a new feature to take advantage of Firefly.

Available as a beta in Illustrator within Creative Cloud from today (June 13), you can use Generative Recolor on your Mac to play around with different color palettes for your projects. 

Instead of changing the fill color of certain objects and logos manually, you can instead prompt the Firefly AI to fill in a project with a bunch of color palettes, and it gives you a variety of these to choose from.

It's yet another effort from Adobe to help you use AI as a tool, rather than letting it create a project for you from start to finish - Photoshop and Express already allow you to use certain features with AI. But Generative Recolor feels like something that a lot of creatives will use.

Choose your Colors

Adobe Illustrator AI

(Image credit: Adobe)

Imagine the scene - you're creating a snowy environment for a game to showcase at a meeting later in the day, but you're not sure of the time of day to best express the image.

Instead of quickly deciding on this, you use Generative Recolor to give you a bunch of results to choose from as a guide, such as the image above.

This way, it helps you to judge which colors would work best for your image to then create it with your style. And if needed, you can generate the same image with a different color scheme as a backup option to create from in your own way once more for the meeting.

Again, this can be used as a tool, not a replacement within Adobe's apps. AI can be helpful when designed in the right way. MacWhisper is a great example of this, where you can drop in a podcast file, and using ChatGPT, it will transcribe the episode, ready to be exported as a file for someone who's hearing impaired.

The same can apply to Generative Recolor in Illustrator - it can be used as a guide for color palettes, not as a replacement for your projects, and we're interested to see where else Adobe puts its Firefly AI into its apps soon.

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