Become an amateur mixologist with this fun cocktail inspo iPad app

Mixel app screenshots from the Apple app store.
The Mixel app has more than 2500 craft cocktail recipes. (Image credit: Mixel app / Apple App Store)

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(Image credit: Mixel app / Apple app store)

iPhone / iPad – Free (In-App Purchases)

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If you want to practice your mixology skills this holiday season but you're overwhelmed by all the choices of cocktail recipes online or can't quite work out what your random mix of ingredients can create, then you need Mixel. This cocktail-making app and recipe database allows you to input what you have and it'll tell you what to make. 

Mixel is packed full of more than 2500 delicious cocktail recipes. There’s so much choice here. From ways to do the basics right, like shake up a martini or mix up a margarita, to much more unusual and obscure options, as well as special seasonal recipes. This really is an amateur mixologist’s bible.

It has filters that allow you to sort through to find the right recipe for you, like matching by ingredients, flavors, where the recipes are sourced from, and their community rating. This means whatever you have in, you’ll be able to quickly find the perfect recipe for any occasion rather than combing through hundreds of options.

More than a recipe app

Mixel makes it easy to keep track of your favorite drinks or ones you're keen to try. If you’re feeling creative, you can also save your own cocktail recipes within the app, which is then synced to all of your devices and backed up to the cloud.

Mixel is available for the iPad and the iPhone, but we think you’ll have a better experience with the larger screen of the iPad. You can download Mixel for free and that gets you all of the app's basic features, including access to 80 classic cocktail recipes and the chance to search for which drink to make based on more than 600 ingredients.

But you’ll need to pay extra to use all of the recipe database, with prices starting as small as $1.99 and going up to a full $29.99 subscription, depending on what you want to access. Perks of premium include more than 2000 recipes, specialized cocktail packs, including gin, vodka, whiskey, tropical and holiday, etc.), the functionality to share recipes, and more advanced filters.

If you know what your favorite drink is and have no desire to change it, Mixel isn't for you. But if you want to get creative over the holidays but only have limited ingredients to work with, it's a fun and fuss-free option.


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