Bridges is a Mac app that lets you save, customize and organize links

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The Bridges lets you keep formatted links organized. (Image credit: Bridges / Apple Mac App Store)

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(Image credit: Apple Mac App Store)

Mac or iOS / iPad iOS $3.99/£3.99

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Meet Bridges, this new productivity app for the Mac – although you can also get an iPhone and iPad version from the App Store – enables you to edit, save and organize links.

If this app doesn't solve a problem you have, and you've not thought twice about formatting a link or where to keep it safe and sound, I get it. Feel free to pass this one by. 

But for anyone else who often keeps a long list of links for work, whether that's for presentations, reports, podcast notes, newsletters, blog posts, or anything else, Bridges is about to make your life a whole lot easier. It streamlines how you customize, save, and then organize all of your formatted links. 

The Bridges app for the Mac is $3.99/£3.99 right now paid upfront and that's with no subscription. I imagine people would get the most use out of the Mac version of Bridges, but you can also get an iPhone and iPad version, too. You’ll need to pay for that separately, but if you use Bridges regularly it's worth it, as all of your links and data will sync to whichever device you're using via iCloud.

How does Bridges work? 

Keeping track of a lot of links has always been tricky. Yes, you can copy and paste URLs into a document, or a similar app, but what about if you need them in different formats, like Markdown or HTML?

This is why the Bridges app was created. Jonathan Ruiz, the brains behind Bridges, came up with the idea when he was working on a podcast and found that making nice-looking show notes and readable URLs was becoming a challenge because loads of links needed to be saved, sorted, and then made available in different formats.

With Bridges you can save a link and then give it your own custom title as you move it into a folder of your choosing – this in itself will instantly make your link saving less fuss-free. 

Once it's in the app, you get a rich preview of the link (like the link title, hero image, favicon, and URL) and can copy it in multiple formats, including Hyperlink, Markdown, HTML, JSON, or URL. 

When you've got a folder filled with links you can copy every link inside that folder in whichever format you need. This cuts down on the tedious work of saving links for later and making them readable. 


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