Carrot Weather 6 launches for iPhone, iPad, and more — featuring a complete redesign focused on more personality and customization

Carrot Weather 6 on iPhone
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Carrot Weather 6.0 launches today, featuring a huge redesign that aims to give even more personality and customization options to the weather app.

Developed by Brian Mueller, the headline feature of version 6.0 is the ‘Garden’. This is shown on the main screen of Carrot and grows over the course of a month to add some more personality to the app.

“You'll see cute little robots named Droney, Rover, and Stretch pruning trees, watering plants, and delivering supplies throughout the day,” Mueller told iMore. 

“The garden's growth resets at the start of each month, so you'll never get bored looking at the same static scenery daily.“ Mueller reveals that the Garden will change throughout the month before being reset. 

Existing users of Carrot will be able to keep their customizable layouts of the app regardless of this new redesign — preserving a key feature of the app since its launch in 2015. But that’s not all for this new version. Weather news, sourced from AccuWeather, will now appear on the app’s layouts, tailored to your location. Mueller explains that this addition can help give context to the weather conditions you may be facing in your area at any given time.

Carrot Weather has consistently featured in our best Apple Watch apps and best Apple TV apps guides. The app’s elegantly colorful user interface, as well as its sassy robot that can give you abuse as it tells you the forecast, is a great alternative to Apple’s own Weather app. Version 6.0 promises to be a big evolution with its ‘Garden’ feature — clearly aiming to give more personality to the app than ever before. Although the jury is still out as to whether forecasts can be reliable — some still prefer to look outside for the hourly forecast.

Carrot Weather 6.0 can be downloaded from the App Store for free on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Vision Pro, and Apple silicon Macs. The app also offers optional subscriptions from $4.99/month or $19.99/year that have exclusive features, such as storm notifications.

iPhone 15 | $799 at Apple

iPhone 15 | $799 at Apple

Carrot Weather is best enjoyed on an iPhone, especially the iPhone 15. Featuring great battery life as well as having the Dynamic Island, it's perfect for checking the Weather with some extra sass from Carrot.

But wait, there’s more!

Carrot Weather 6 on iPad

(Image credit: Future)

A big part of Carrot Weather is how you can customize its layout to fit your needs. In version 6.0 when you go to Settings > Layout, there’s now even more you can do to re-arrange the app’s home screen compared to earlier versions.

New features such as a long-requested line chart for the Hourly and Daily Forecast sections can be used, as well as some visual options you can change here too. You can choose various options here — from deciding if the line intersects with the icon or the data label, to changing the color of the line itself.

There’s also a new toggle on the Minutely Forecast section. This lets you quickly switch between a precipitation chart and a mini-map that shows a radar for the area you’re currently in.

Overall, version 6.0 offers a lot of new features that can help tempt new and existing users alike. If you’ve tried Carrot Weather in the past, these new features are well worth trying out to see if they can replace the default daily weather app you may be stuck with.

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