The best Apple TV apps: Netflix, CARROT Weather, Crossy Road, and more

Best Apple TV apps
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The Apple TV is your one-stop app for all your content needs. From entertainment to gaming, from sport to lifestyle, the Apple TV combines all your favorite apps in a simple layout with smooth navigation.

So whether you are new to Apple TV or have had one for a while, here’s a selection of what we think are the best apps to download to make the most of your television box.

Best Apple TV apps: Streaming

Apple TV

Best Apple TV apps

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With the retirement and fond farewell of iTunes, Apple TV is currently the best place to purchase or rent films. Pre-loaded and native to Apple TV, the Apple TV app is also the home of Apple TV Plus, the hub for award-winning original content from movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more, all for $4.99/month.

Apple TV Plus is a newcomer when it comes to streaming services, but the quality of titles produced, the stellar casts involved, and the ever-growing roster of masterpieces have put the platform on the map as a true streaming juggernaut. If you want to try some of Apple’s originals, check out our Apple TV Plus best movies and best TV show guides.

If you want front-row seats to Messi’s triumph with Inter Miami, then the Apple TV app is also the place where you can stream Apple’s sports offerings like the MLS Season Pass, available for a fee starting at $12.99.

Lastly, a huge feature of the Apple TV app is that it can integrate other streaming services, such as Hulu, right into your home screen, which makes navigation and switching between apps and services seamless.

Disney Plus

Best Apple TV apps

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If you love Disney franchises, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you must download the Disney Plus app for your Apple TV. It brings all of Disney’s most beloved classics, from animation to motion pictures, original shows, documentaries, and so much more, to your home cinema. A Disney Plus subscription starts at $7.99/month, and you can bundle it up with Hulu to stream every episode of The Kardashians and ESPN+ for $12.99/month.

Download Disney Plus


Best Apple TV apps

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Hulu is a great Apple TV app as it fully integrates into your Apple TV home screen, making navigation smooth and seamless. Owned by Walt Disney Studios, this service can also be accessed as part of a bundle with a Disney Plus subscription. Stream some old-time favorites, such as Family Guy and Seinfeld, or some new buzz-worthy shows, like The Bear and Only Murders in The Building, starting at $7.99/month. 

Download Hulu

Amazon Prime Video

Best Apple TV apps

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Amazon Prime Video offers a huge library of content from critically acclaimed shows such as The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel and The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power to Thursday Night Football for sports fans, as well as the option to buy or rent films and series on demand. Amazon Prime is available to all Amazon Prime subscribers for free or as a standalone subscription for $8.99/month. 

Download Amazon Prime Video


Best Apple TV apps

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Max, formerly known as HBO Max, is a subscription streaming service home to some of the most popular and acclaimed series and titles, including award-winning hit shows such as Succession, House of The Dragon, Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, and so many more.

The content Max produces rarely disappoints, placing it as one of the, if not the best, streaming apps out there right now. Max is available starting at $9.99/month with Ads, $15.99/month ad-free, or $19.99/month for the ultimate 4K Max experience. 

Download Max


Best Apple TV apps

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From original shows to movies and documentaries, Netflix is the home to some of the best streaming-native content there is. Netflix continually expands its catalog of movies and TV shows from other sources, adding new content daily; the interface is designed to be tailored to your viewing habits, which is a massive help to anyone who dreads choice paralysis when trying to pick what to watch.

You can sign up for Netflix starting at $6.99 for a standard subscription with ads and limited content, opt for a Standard without ads for $15.49, or a Premium for $22.99 to have full library access, the ability to watch on multiple devices, and the option to add extra household members to your plan, for a small fee.

Download Netflix


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / YouTube)

YouTube is fairly self-explanatory. You can find millions of videos about pretty much anything on YouTube, from vlogs to instructional videos. With a completely new look compared to when it first launched on Apple TV, YouTube now feels more like a full-fledged app. It's now easier to find new content from your favorite channels, discover something new, and go back through your history.

Download YouTube


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Twitch)

Twitch is a live streaming service where you watch people play video games, live music broadcasts, e-sport competitions, Pokemon cards pack openings, and so much more, all in real-time. The Twitch app is a great addition to your Apple TV to keep you engaged with your favorite content creators from the comfort of your couch.

Download Twitch


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Letterboxd)

Consider Letterboxd both your diary for all the movies you have watched and the inspiration bank for all the ones you would love to watch. Letterboxd is a social media platform where you can rate films, share your reviews with other users, and create a wishlist for your next movie night.

For each film, Letterboxd will show you where you can stream it, together with reviews. Letterboxd is a must-have app for the Apple TV to help you overcome choice paralysis on a movie night.

Download Letterboxd

Movies Anywhere

Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Movies Anywhere)

Movies Anywhere places all of the movies you buy in one place, no matter which platform you use to buy them. The Movies Anywhere service is free and connects your Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft, Amazon, Comcast Xfinity, and Fandango Now, pouring all of the movies you've purchased from those services into a single app, and syncing them to each other so they all appear on your accounts for each service, as well as in the Movies Anywhere app.

The app supports 4K HDR/Dolby Vision for all applicable titles, including those from Disney. So if a title is offered in 4K HDR on one service but not on Apple TV, you can still watch it in its full-resolution, wide-color glory in Movies Anywhere.

Download Movies Anywhere

Spectrum TV

Best Apple TV apps

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The Spectrum app pairs with the Apple TV's new Zero Sign-On capabilities. Using Zero Sign-On and the Spectrum app, your Apple TV can effectively act as your cable box, delivering all of the same live and on-demand content that you've come to expect from your Spectrum cable subscription without bringing additional hardware into your home.

Though this app is only for Spectrum subscribers, it's a great example of what Zero Sign-On allows.

Download Spectrum TV

Free channels

There are dozens of subscription-based networks, but there are also many networks that let you access content without paying anyone a dime.

Most networks that offer content without cable have limited episodes available. But, as long as you're not trying to binge-watch a show's entire series, you can squeeze some fun out of them without needing a subscription or cable provider. 

So here’s a few of our favorites:

Best Apple TV apps: Music

Apple Music

Best Apple TV apps

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If you own an Apple TV and perhaps other Apple products, you might already have an Apple Music subscription. With a library of over 100 million songs and 30 thousand playlists, Apple Music is one of the best places to listen to your favorite artists. With its outstanding Spatial Audio quality and the ability to sing along in real-time, thanks to Apple Music Sing.

You can subscribe to Apple Music for $10.99/month and stream it from all your Apple Devices. 

Download Apple Music


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Spotify)

Spotify is Apple Music's biggest competitor and arguably the best music streaming platform available. Spotify also offers a great Apple TV app that lets you pick it up right from where you left it on your phone. Home to over 100 million songs, 5 million podcasts, and 350,000 audiobooks, Spotify is a super useful app to add to your Apple TV ecosystem. 

You can subscribe to Spotify for $5.99/month if you are a student; a premium subscription without ads starts from $10.99/month. 

Download Spotify


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Pandora)

Spotify and Apple Music are great, but Pandora is also a favorite when it comes to music streaming platforms, thanks to the way it delivers music to the user. Whilst Spotify and Apple Music are on-demand platforms, Pandora creates radio stations that are curated and personalized to you based on your listening habits. This is a great way to discover new music and fall in love with new artists. You can stream Pandora with ads for free or pay for a premium subscription.

Download Pandora

Best Apple TV apps: Health and Fitness

Apple Fitness Plus

Best Apple TV apps

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Apple Fitness Plus is a subscription service that hosts over 4000 workouts, ranging from Yoga to HIIT, dance to cycling, with suitable programs for beginners and advanced athletes alike. The high-energy instructors, paired with the seamless integration of your Apple Watch, make Apple Fitness Plus the best Apple TV app for all fitness enthusiasts!

Apple Fitness Plus is available at $9.99/month. However, if you have more than one Apple subscription, you might want to consider switching to Apple One.


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Calm)

Calm is one of the most popular apps to support your mental health, with content and features to help you sleep better, stress less, and live a more mindful life. There is no need to log in to an account; a free library of bedtime stories, soothing music, calming screensavers, and more are all available as soon as you complete the download. This is truly a must-have app!

Download Calm

Daily Burn

Best Apple TV apps

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If you've ever tried to use a video-based home workout app on your iPhone or iPad, you'll know the experience is less than ideal. Daily Burn puts all of your workouts on your Apple TV, letting you follow along on the biggest screen in your home. Daily Burn has courses for beginners as well as more experienced users.

You'll need a subscription to use Daily Burn, which starts at $14.95 per month.

Download Daily Burn

Kitchen Stories

Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Kitchen Stories)

Kitchen Stories is especially great if you've got your Apple TV hooked up to a television in your kitchen. The app has hundreds of videos covering different recipes, from main courses to desserts. Each video is a miniature how-to with clear instructions, and everything shown in wonderful, high-definition video with a mellow, jazzy soundtrack to put you at ease. Whether you use Kitchen Stories to help with your own cooking or just to unwind, it's a great app to have on your Apple TV.

Download Kitchen Stories

Best Apple TV apps: Shopping and Lifestyle

CARROT Weather

Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / CARROT)

CARROT weather is one of the best weather apps for iPhone and iPad, and it is now available on Apple TV. Complete with the trademark CARROT sense of humor, CARROT weather for Apple TV can show you short-term, hourly, and daily forecasts for your area so you're prepared well in advance. Note that CARROT Weather for Apple TV is a separate app from CARROT Weather on iPhone and iPad, so it will be a separate purchase for you if you already have the mobile version.

Download CARROT


Kayak Apple TV

(Image credit: Future / Kayak)

Kayak is a fantastic app to sort your next vacation from the comfort of your sofa. With the Kayak app on Apple TV, you can book your next holiday destination and sort your hotels, cars, and flights with the whole family. Booking holidays on the big screen is the most entertaining way to get excited about your next trip away from home.

Download Kayak


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / GrubHub)

Pair movie night with takeout from your favorite place with GrubHub. Keep your iPhone in your pocket and place your order using GrubHub's Apple TV app, which lets you sign in to your account (make sure you have a credit card on file), browse through available restaurants, peruse their menus, and order.

Download GrubHub

Best Apple TV apps: Games

Apple Arcade

Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Apple)

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service from Apple that allows you to play thousands of titles across all Apple devices, including Apple TV. You can access Apple Arcade for $6.99/month to play all your favorite games, both online and offline. If you subscribe to multiple Apple services, such as Apple Music and Apple TV Plus, you might want to consider switching to Apple One.

Crossy Road

Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / Crossy Road)

Crossy Road is a great free arcade game for all ages and an addictive app for your Apple TV! As an ex-Apple employee, I remember Crossy Road being the best app to demo not only the Apple TV but also the Apple TV Remote and its touchpad.

Download Crossy Road

Best Apple TV apps: Sports


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / ESPN)

ESPN+  is the best place to stream exclusive live sports such as the UFC, College Basketball, Baseball, and more. It is a well-rounded app for avid sports fans and can be accessed for $6.99/month or as part of a bundle with Disney+ and Hulu for $12.99/month.

Download ESPN+


Best Apple TV apps

(Image credit: Future / DAZN)

DAZN is another great choice for sports enthusiasts, especially since now DAZN is the home to the NFL Game Pass for the 23-24 season. For $19.99/month, you can access Monday Night Football, all live and on-demand boxing content, MMA, Women's soccer, and so much more. 

Download DAZN

An endless amount of options

Apple TV new interface

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This is a short but comprehensive list of what we think are some of the best apps to get you excited about your Apple TV, but the possibilities are endless, and there are so many more apps you can choose from to personalize your Apple TV ecosystem. What other apps for Apple TV do you love? Let us know!