Is Twitter down? 'Welcome to Twitter' bug leaves users with blank timelines

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Twitter is once again experiencing problems as users face a 'Welcome to Twitter' message on their feeds rather than tweets and images. Downdetector has seen a massive spike in reports of Twitter outages in the last hour. 61% report an issue with the app, while the rest say it's the website, showing this is clearly a universal issue not limited to one platform or operating system. Outages are being reported in both the U.S. and the UK, showing this also appears to be a global issue.

The Welcome message seems to be interchangeable with a 'something went wrong' message, suggesting that Twitter is aware of the issue. The for you page is now showing tweets as well, although the tweets are old. Users are also reporting issues on mobile.

Twitter Down

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Twitter down – again

This is an increasing phenomenon after Elon Musk took over the platform, and comes just after the Billionaire laid off some of his most dedicated Twitter team. Including, for some reason, Esther C who slept on the social networks floor to get more work done.

Given that there are now far fewer people working in the Twitter offices, it's going to be curious to see how long it takes the social network to sort out this latest downtime. Previously, issues have hung around for a few hours as the Twitter team scrambled frantically to fix the problems.

It takes that much longer now because not only did Musk lay off massive numbers of his staff, but many left after he bought the network. Key members of staff left, leaving many to predict that Twitter does not have long left before it becomes completely broken – and today's latest issues could be more evidence that the end is coming.

Whatever happens, there are other options for Twitter users. There's Mastodon, although it can be a little technical for some. Hive social is another Twitter alike, and there's even Donald Trump's own Truth Social, should you be that way inclined. And like orange face paint.

We'll update this story as it develops.

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