I've levelled up my yoga practice with this highly-customizable yet easy-to-use app

iPhone screenshots of the Yoga Down Dog app from the Apple App Store.
The Yoga Down Dog app features easy-to-follow guidance and clear instructions. (Image credit: Apple App Store / Down Dog Yoga App)
Yoga Down Dog

The Down Dog Yoga app logo from the Apple App Store

(Image credit: Down Dog Yoga / Apple App Store)

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I love yoga. I've been practicing it on and off for nearly 20 years now and even when I've tried loads of different workouts at the gym throughout that time (like heavy lifting, boxing, HIIT and calisthenics), a regular yoga practice at home has been a constant for me, keeping me grounded, stretched and relaxed. 

This means I've tried all sorts of at-home yoga programmes, especially on YouTube and apps, and my current favorite yoga iPhone app is Yoga Down Dog.

Unlike traditional pre-recorded workout videos that can quickly become dull, Yoga Down Dog provides a dynamic experience with each session. The app generates 60,000 different configurations, ensuring that your yoga practice is always fresh, challenging, and adapted to your needs. This fresh approach paired with the level of customization on offer is the main reason I'd highly recommend this app – the cute logo of a little dog doing down dog is a close second.

How can you customize Yoga Down Dog?

Users can tailor their yoga sessions based on experience level, desired intensity, and specific focus areas, from gentle flows to HIIT-style workouts and meditative practices. Yoga Down Dog caters to a wide audience, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, with guidance to help users determine their experience level and desired path.

Adding a personal touch, the app allows users to choose the voice that narrates their workouts and select from a variety of background music and sounds. Yoga Down Dog also recognizes the importance of targeted practice. With options to focus on strengthening and stretching specific body parts, and a unique 'boost' feature that lets users prioritize certain areas, the app addresses individual fitness and wellness goals effectively. 

The app's interactive features, such as the ability to like or dislike poses, further personalize the experience. By influencing the poses that appear in future practices, users can tailor their sessions to their preferences and needs, ensuring a truly customized yoga journey.

With memberships costing $9.99/£9.99 per month or $59.99/£58.99 per year, and a generous 21-day free trial, Yoga Down Dog is an affordable option for those looking to invest in their wellness who value simple and clear instructions alongside a bunch of great personalization features.


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