One of the best iPhone photo editing apps is coming to Mac — with a whole new name

(Image credit: Pixelmator)

Pixelmator Photo has today received a massive update, so big in fact that the Pixelmator team has seen fit to rename it Photomator.

Pixelmator Photo, a popular iPhone and iPad photo editing app, has today announced a rebrand to Photomator as it gets a complete makeover with version 2.3.

It features a fresh new design and "all-new and incredibly powerful selective adjustments feature that will completely change the way you edit photos," letting you easily select areas of a photo with different selections and masks, or even automatically through the power of everyone's favorite new kid on the block, AI. 

Photomator for Mac

The new selective adjustments let you pick specific areas of a photo you'd like to edit, and you can use the AI-powered selection algorithm to select common elements in photos, such as the sky. "With a simple tap, the AI algorithm intelligently scans the photo, finds where the subject, background, or sky is, and make a precise selection of that area for you, so you can jump into making edits right away. For example, in landscape photos where the sky is too bright, you can select just the sky and reduce its brightness without making the entire photo darker," the team states. 

There are also customizable gradient masks and a new Layers browser that lets you keep track of edits bit by bit. 

Perhaps more importantly, Photomator is also coming to Mac. It's "almost here" according to the team and is now available in TestFlight as a beta for Mac users. 

If that's too long to wait, you can always check out Photomator's big brother Pixelmator Pro, a highly-capable macOS photo editing suite with over five years of updates under its belt. Pixelmator Pro includes immense machine learning capabilities which harness the power of Apple silicon in Apple's best MacBooks such as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

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