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A to Z Convertor

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If you often find yourself Googling conversion questions like “what is $16 in £?” or “9 inches in cm?” then I’ve got you covered, friend. 

The A to Z Convertor app has a really simple premise, it’s an iPhone and iPad app that converts everything for you, all in one place. 

This app is an essential tool for anyone who regularly finds themselves in need of quick, accurate conversions. It’s designed to streamline your conversion tasks into a single, user-friendly tool, saving you from the hassle of Google searches for every different conversion you need.

A to Z Converter brilliantly simplifies all of your daily conversions, offering an extensive range of options that cover length, weight, area, temperature, volume, speed, power, digital storage, and much more. 

It's an invaluable resource for all of us, but I imagine it would be particularly useful for students in scientific or engineering fields, as well as professionals like engineers, chemists, and physicists who need the most precise and reliable conversions as part of their job.

Why A to Z Convertor is an essential tool

The A to Z Converter eliminates the clutter and inconvenience of juggling multiple tools or incessantly Googling for answers. It embodies the true essence of what apps should do: make life easier. 

By consolidating all essential converters – including time zones, color codes, and more – the app caters to both basic unit conversions and specialized needs, too, like digital or print media color conversions and age calculations.

Customization is a key feature of the A to Z Converter. Users can tailor their experience by rearranging converters and units through a simple drag-and-drop interface and adjusting the decimal level of conversion results.

What might you use A to Convertor for? All sorts of tasks. For example, the time zone converter is perfect for global communicators, while the color converter is a godsend for designers and print media professionals, enabling them to make effortless Hex to RGB to CMYK conversions. The app also includes practical tools, like an age calculator for tracking personal milestones and an EMI calculator for financial planning. 

There are several apps I think are a must have for all iPhones and I rarely add a new one to that exclusive list, but A to Z Convertor is going on it. It’s not just a convenience but a necessity for anyone who wants efficient and accurate conversions at their fingertips.


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    Read the most~recent reviews for this app before dropping some serious change for their subscription. Even the one=time Pro purchase doesn’t give access to the recurring-subscription pre features.

    The number to word conversion module reveals its country of origin underpinnings with lakh, crore, and arab for one hundred thousand, one million, and one billion. Plus the commas in those numbers aren’t placed correctly.