Sort your finances out for the new year with this budgeting iPhone app

Screenshots from the Buddy finance app from the Apple App Store.
Buddy finance shows you everything you need to know about your money in one place. (Image credit: Apple App Store)

The Buddy app logo from the Apple App Store.

(Image credit: Apple App Store)

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If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to sort out your finances in 2024, then there are plenty of apps that can help you gain more clarity about what you’re earning and what you’re spending. 

But I’ve found from personal experience that if finance apps aren’t incredibly straightforward to use, they make money management more confusing, not less. This is why I'll be trying Buddy, a simple budgeting and expenses app that keeps you on top of your finances while having a minimal and easy-to-use design. 

With Buddy, you can set up a budget plan and the app will help you stick to it. All you need to do is connect your bank account. Buddy will then get you crystal clear on the money you have coming into your account and all of your outgoings through detailed and nice-looking graphics that break down your spending, income, and savings.

More money, less problems

There are several features Buddy offers users that I think are worth shouting about because they reduce major headaches and finance admin.

One of my favorites is that you can invite people to the app to use the ‘Split’ feature. This allows you to set up a shared budget with your partner. Or use it to make sure expenses are divided up evenly while you’re away on holiday with friends. No more scrawling down sums on a napkin to make sure everyone paid enough.

I also like that you can group your spending into key categories, like ‘Food’ or ‘Entertainment’, which is then color-coded and displayed in a simple pie chart. This layout instantly gives you a gauge of how your spending is going throughout the month.

Buddy is free to use with basic features, but you’ll get the most from the Premium version, which costs $9.99/£9.99 monthly. Or, you can get a discount by signing up for $49.99/£49.99 yearly.


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