Step up your makeup game with this creative iPhone app

Screengrabs of the Pret a Makeup app from the Apple App Store.
There are many resources in Pret a Makeup, making it ideal if you've always wanted to better understand what suits you and why. (Image credit: Apple App Store)

The Pret a Makeup logo from the Apple App Store

(Image credit: Apple App Store)

iPhone / iPad – Free (In-App Purchases)

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Apple published a list of its best apps for iPhone and beyond in 2023 in November, and its top iPad app pick was Prêt-à-Makeup, an app that’s the ultimate beauty companion and a must-download if you want to elevate your makeup game. 

If you’ve never scoured the Apple App Store library for a beauty app before, I’m here to tell you there are plenty to choose from, many of which are packed with makeup advice and product recommendations. 

But Prêt-à-Makeup isn’t just about beauty, it’s about creativity. With this digital face chart app, you can experiment with lots of different looks, making it ideal whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a complete beginner. 

You can use Prêt-à-Makeup on your iPhone or your iPad, but if you want the best experience and to have your creative side shine, I’d recommend firing it up on your iPad. You get a 7-day free trial, but will then need to sign up for a longer subscription at $8.99/£8.99 per month. 

How does Prêt-à-Makeup work?

Prêt-à-Makeup is built around face charts, these are templates that makeup artists use to try out different color ideas, combinations, and textures, as well as make a note of what’s been used where. 

The app’s incredibly intuitive design makes creating your own face chart (or many of them) super simple, creative, and fun – think of it like digital painting.

There are hundreds of virtual makeup products from major brands to try on your face charts, which means you can test out looks in real-time – like a virtual makeup counter in your pocket – and use different brushes and textures, too. You can also move your screen around to see how your creations are going to look in different lighting scenarios. 

Less app, more pocket beauty canvas, Prêt-à-Makeup is a must-have for beauty lovers. Especially if you’re keen to shake up your current routine, try out new shades, or simply refresh the way you approach beauty as you head into 2024.


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