The GymStreak iPhone app is your ultimate fitness companion for the new year

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As we head into 2024, many of us want to embark on a journey to improve our health and fitness, whether we're starting from scratch or stepping our training up a level. But there are so many different workout experts these days offering plans and advice. Which one is the best? 

Well, spoiler alert, there is no "perfect" workout. You just need to choose one. And if you're struggling to settle on one this year, I recommend GymStreak. This iPhone app will shake up your fitness routine using an advanced training algorithm that guides you through the perfect set, rep, and weight combinations personalized to your fitness goals.

And for those who want to focus on their eating and fitness, GymStreak goes beyond just workouts. The app offers a nutrition plan to help you log your calories and macronutrients, ensuring that you fuel your body appropriately for your fitness journey.

What sets GymStreak apart from other fitness apps?

One of GymStreak's notable features is its intelligent workout plans. The app studies your fitness abilities and adapts to the equipment you have available, creating a custom workout that evolves with your performance. This means that it can adapt to your schedule, location and what you have to hand, keeping workouts flexible and fresh. 

Workouts can look like training on the equipment if you're at a gym, weight training if you just have some dumbbells at home, or body weight workouts if you're in a hotel and don't have anything nearby. This is one of the biggest appeals of GymStreak for me. I can't always get to the gym as I travel regularly and need alternative ways to workout that aren't just doing a quick stretch or a yoga routine. 

I also like that the GymStreak app has a simple, clean layout with intuitive controls to help you easily keep track of sets, reps and workout sessions. The app also offers live activity tracking, keeping you engaged in real-time with your workout progress. You can log everything in the app on your phone or even on your Apple Watch for more convenience. 

GymStreak is a premium app, which will cost you either £59.99/$59.99 per year or £12.99/$12.99 per month. The good news is you have a 1 week trial period to figure out whether it's for you and worth paying for. 


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