This iPhone and Apple Watch app teaches you a cool new fact every day

Screenshots of the Daily Random Facts app from the Apple App Store.
Learn a cool new fact everyday from this iPhone and Apple Watch app. (Image credit: Apple App Store/Daily Random Facts)
Daily Random Facts

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(Image credit: Apple App Store/Daily Random Facts)

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If you've always wondered how other people learn such cool and interesting facts, tidbits like the fact that you can fit all of the planets in our solar system between the Earth and the Moon or that sharks have existed longer than trees, then I highly recommend the Daily Random Facts app.

Created for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, this app serves up the best, most interesting and easy-to-remember daily facts. You can choose to have them appear on your lock screen, or customize your settings so they arrive as notifications.

There are thousands of facts in the app's database covering a range of categories, like human body facts, facts about sports, history dates, science, animals and cool space stuff (my favorite). But there are also some more playful and unconventional ones too, like life hacks and riddles. 

One of the things I personally really like about Daily Random Facts over similar apps is that you can choose to go to the source of the fact. Now, I'm not saying I want to fact-check the facts, but it's fun to be able to take a closer look at the source to find out more, delve into a topic in more depth and add context to your new fact of the day.

You learn something new everyday

I've been using the Daily Random Facts app on my iPhone alongside a morning meditation and journalling session to get my brain into gear. I love how it looks on the iPhone, with interesting graphics and the option to choose your own icon for your home screen. But I like that there's an even easier-to-access Apple Watch version of the app as well. 

The Apple Watch app is incredibly clean and simple-to-use, but you'll still discover a new fact each day and you can choose from a range of categories, too. With this version it's also super easy to share facts if you think they're mind-blowing or interesting enough to pass onto your friends.

You can access Daily Random Facts for free for 3-days, but you'll then have to pay for the premium version of the app that gives you a bit more control. This paid-for version removes ads, allows you to save your favorite facts, gives you the option to change fonts and colors, and search for facts by word and costs £29.99/$29.99 a year. As always, I recommend signing up for the free trial to see if you get enough out of it in the first 3 days, but make sure you set an alarm to cancel the subscription in your iPhone, just in case you don't.

If you like the way Daily Random Facts works, the team behind it also has a bunch of other apps that serve up daily content, like I Am: Daily Affirmations and Vocabulary: Learn Words Daily.


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