This iPhone and iPad app is a virtual corkboard in your pocket

Screenshots of the Corkulous app from the Apple App Store
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(Image credit: Apple App Store/Corkulous App)

Mac / iPhone / iPad – Free (With In-App Purchases)

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We all have different ways of generating, storing and presenting ideas. Some people prefer to talk through a list, others are highly visual and like to show their thinking with images and videos. 

If you fall into that second category, you may want to give the Corkulous app a try next time you're putting new ideas together – whether you're working solo or collaborating with a team. 

It's best to think of Corkulous as a virtual pinboard as it brings you a simple, highly visual and interactive way to bring all sorts of content together, and it works across your devices – including your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

A pinboard in your pocket

Because Corkulous works like a virtual corkboard, you can "pin" notes and photos to it, just like you would with a physical one. But it also allows you to add other kinds of content, like flow charts, mind maps, link previews, emojis and sketching tools, including shapes and lines. 

This means that it's a really intuitive way of working and the options are limitless. It could be an idea board, a photo album, a place where you keep reminders, manage to-do lists, plan lessons and so much more. Its flexibility makes it ideal for lots of different tasks, but I can imagine it being particularly useful for students, creatives and teachers. 

Although Corkulous works well for solo brainstorming and planning, there's also iCloud and Dropbox syncing, so you can seamlessly share across devices, which would make it easier if you wanted to send your creations to someone else. You can also export and share in different formats, including PDF, PNG and text. 

Other apps do a similar thing – Pinterest is one of my favorites – but I like that Corkulous isn't just slick and minimal, but brings the tools, visual elements and design of real-life pinboards and corkboards to your devices.


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