This iPhone app has given me a much-needed well-being boost

A screenshot of the Tangerine app from the Apple App Store.
The goal of Tangerine is to help you improve your wellbeing one good habit at a time. (Image credit: Apple App Store)

A logo of the Tangerine app from the Apple App Store

(Image credit: Apple App Store)

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Tangerine is an award-winning app for both the iPhone and iPad that's a one-stop-shop for all of your well-being needs. It's a habit tracker, mood tracker, and journal all rolled into one. 

I already use another app to track habits, a bullet journal to track my moods, and then journal on whatever random scrap of paper is lying around when (see also: if) I remember to journal. So having these important aspects of my self-care routine in one place thanks to Tangerine has been incredibly helpful.

Tangerine is free for 7 days but you'll then need to pay for a yearly plan of $29.99/£29.99. You can also sign up monthly, but that'll cost you significantly more at $4.99/£4.99 a month. 

The good thing about the free trial is you should know after seven days whether it's an app you're likely to use regularly in the future. What's more, paying the subscription fee could also be a way of keeping you motivated by making sure you get your money's worth. 

How does Tangerine work?

Tangerine is created to help you build better habits. You can track when you complete a good habit, but you can also set up handy reminders. 

If you track enough habits over time you'll also be able to see data and insights and see your progress. I've found this aspect of the app is essential for keeping me motivated towards my goals.

Next up, it's also a mood tracker. This is great for getting deeper insights into how your moods might fluctuate over the course of a month. Some people might find this insightful or even helpful for chatting with a therapist. It can also be fascinating to notice trends when you've been using the app for a while – especially if you're someone who menstruates and likes to see how moods are influenced by your cycle. 

Finally, Tangerine can also be your new digital journal, giving you the space to write down anything you like or serving up handy prompts if you don't always find it easy to open up and write what's on your mind. 

If you don't do all of these things already, Tangerine might be overkill. But it could also be just what you need to kickstart a daily habit of tracking the good-for-you things you do, keeping tabs on your mood, and journalling anything and everything that's on your mind.


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