This journalling app uses AI to help you unpack your feelings

The Solid Diary App screenshot from the Apple app store.
Solid Diary has a simple interface that makes it easy and fun to use. (Image credit: Apple App Store)
Solid Diary

The Solid Diary app logo from the Apple app store

(Image credit: Apple / Solid Diary)

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Finding a daily writing practice that works for you, whether that’s keeping a diary, journaling regularly, or writing down gratitude lists is highly recommended for a solid self-care practice. If you’ve never quite found a writing habit that suits you, then you should try the Solid Diary app - a journaling app with a twist. 

The idea behind Solid Diary is that you dedicate a few minutes each evening to reflect on your day – technically you could do it in the morning, whatever suits you best. AI tech within the app will then analyze what you’ve written and “reveal deeper insights into yourself.” AI tools are doing a lot for us these days, so why not allow them to read your diary entries too, right? 

Wait, how can AI help you journal? 

AI tech within the app will analyze what you write so you can then ask questions, like “Can you give me advice?” And “Can you help me figure out these emotions?” Honestly, the AI side of this app sounds a little gimmicky to me. I also wouldn’t advise you to ask an app for advice about what to do with your life. 

But it could suggest some simple self-care tips, like going for more walks or calling a relative. I was also really interested to read some reviews from people who said that sometimes they have trouble properly identifying their emotions and Solid Diary helped them to cut through their thoughts to discover what might be going on. 

What I like most about Solid Diary is the simple journaling interface. It has a similar layout to the Notes app on your iPhone, but is even more streamlined with a choice of four different themes. You can also upload as many entries as you like and even add photos and voice recordings, as well as tags to help you find things later.

Another nice touch that sets Solid Diary apart from some similar apps is it tells you how long your current journaling streak has been, allowing you to unlock achievements the more you add. If you like gamifying your life, this is the diary app for you. 

Solid Diary assures users that their entries are fed through an AI tool, but otherwise they're 100% private, which means everything you write is encrypted and only you can access it. The app isn’t free. But once you’ve paid the initial $3.99/£3.99, there are no additional in-app purchases or subscription fees to worry about.


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