This Mac app will give you the fresh start you need for the new year

A screenshot of the visualisation of your hard drive that GrandPerspective gives you.
(Image credit: Grand Perspective / Mac App Store)

The Grand Perspective app icon from the Mac App Store

(Image credit: Grand Perspective / Mac App Store)

Mac – $2.99 / £2/99

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Are you tired of constantly running out of disk space on your Mac? Do you find it challenging to identify which files are taking up the most room? The GrandPerspective app is here to help. This powerful utility app is designed to take the hassle out of managing your disk space on macOS.

This dead zone between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve is a great time to clear out your disk space so you can kick off January 1 with that fresh start feeling. There are plenty of Mac apps that will get the job done – we also like DaisyDisk. But GrandPerspective is one of my new favorites and costs less than much of the competition at only $2.99/£2.99.

At the heart of GrandPerspective is its intuitive graphical representation of disk usage through big, blocky visualizations called tree maps. In them, your files are visually presented as a rectangle, with the size of the file proportionally reflected by the area it occupies. This unique approach means you're able to identify any space-hogging files and folders at a glance, making it easier than ever to reclaim valuable storage.

Calling all visual learners

What sets GrandPerspective apart from similar Mac cleaning and organizing apps is its set of display options. You can color code files based on lots of different criteria, like name, extension, file type, creation time, and more. There are also different color palettes to pick from, and this level of customization means you get control of how you visualize your disk space – ideal for those who are visual learners.

You can quickly search for files by name, look through the folder hierarchy, preview files with Quick Look, and even delete files directly from the app. You can also use your mouse, or if things get too fiddly, your keyboard. 

I like GrandPerspective's filtering capabilities, which allow you to construct filter tests based on several different parameters. These filters can be used to mask files in the view, filter files from the view, and exclude files and folders during disk scans. There's also support here for other sorts of files, like Time Machine backups.

As well as the fun and intuitive graphical interface, GrandPerspective only uses up a small amount of memory and disk footprint. It's designed to operate efficiently in the background, providing animated changes to view content without compromising your Mac's performance.

Don't let your disk space go to waste in 2024, GrandPerspective lets you take control of your Mac's storage in an app that's powerful, customizable, and packed with user-friendly features. 


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