Aqara Camera Hub G2h ProSource: Lumi United Technology Co.

What you need to know

  • Aqara has announced the launch of the Camera Hub G2H Pro.
  • Upgraded HomeKit camera includes additional storage and alarm options.
  • G2H Pro camera also supports Zigbee hub and HomeKit Secure Video functionality.

Aqara has announced the launch of a new HomeKit security camera on Thursday — the Aqara Camera Hub G2H Pro. The latest camera from Aqara includes complete HomeKit security alarm features, 1080p HD resolution, and support for all of the major smart home voice assistants.

Compared to the predecessor, the G2H Pro features wider compatibility with third-party ecosystems, more storage options and added functionalities such as privacy masking, custom ringtone, and timelapse clip generation.

Aqara Camera Hub G2h Pro Homekit IntegrationSource: Lumi United Technology Co.

As the name suggests, the Camera Hub G2H Pro is based on the original Aqara Camera Hub G2H camera released back in 2020. The new HomeKit camera sports the same playful frame on the outside and similiar internals as its predecessor, but the Pro gains a slightly wider, 146-degree field of view, as well as support NAS storage and larger microSD cards (up to 512GB).

The upgraded Camera Hub G2H Pro also expands its HomeKit capabilities by adding in full alarm support making it an excellent DIY security solution. With The G2H Pro, users can take advantage of four available security modes in the Home app allowing them to arm or disarm their homes with just a tap.

The G2H Pro inherits and improves many premium features from its predecessor, such as the Zigbee 3.0 hub function with an upgraded support of up to 128 Aqara accessories, and the slightly wider viewing angle of 146° (diagonal) due to the absent distortion correction.

Aqara Camera Hub G2h Pro Zigbee IntegrationSource: Lumi United Technology Co.

Aqara's Pro camera also retains all of the original Camera Hub G2H features such as Zigbee hub functionality and HomeKit Secure Video support. With Zigbee onboard, the G2H Pro can support pairing of up to 128 Aqara-branded accessories like the Aqara TVOC Air Quality Sensor or the Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1.

Aqara's Camera Hub G2H Pro is available for purchase now in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, and France through Amazon. The camera retails for $69.99, but to celebrate the launch, Aqara is offering 15% off the price for a limited time if you use the promo code G2HPROPR (U.S. and Canada), or PRG2HPRO (U.K., Germany, and France).

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Aqara Camera Hub G2h Pro and packaging

Aqara Security Camera Hub Indoor G2H Pro

Security upgrade and more

Aqara's upgraded Camera Hub G2H Pro adds full HomeKit alarm integration, additional storage options, and support for more voice assistants to an already feature-packed security essential.

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