Aqara smart lighting update adds support for HomeKit Adaptive Lighting

Aqara Adaptive Lighting Update color temperature explainer
Aqara Adaptive Lighting Update color temperature explainer (Image credit: Aqara)

What you need to know

  • Aqara has updated its smart lighting line to support HomeKit Adaptive Lighting.
  • HomeKit Adaptive Lighting automatically adjusts color temperature throughout the day.
  • Update is available now globally, coming in early April in China.

Aqara has announced the release of a firmware update to its smart lighting line that adds support for HomeKit Adaptive Lighting. The update, found in version 3.2.4 for the Aqara Hub M1S, is available now globally through the Aqara Home app and will be released in Mainland China on April 2nd.

For thousands of years human's work when the sun is up and rest when the sun is down, and the sun's color temperature - which shifts throughout the day from the warm morning to cool midday and then to the warm sunset - sends signals to the human body when it's time to stay alert or to go to sleep. By providing users the right color temperature at the right time of the day, Aqara smart lights with the Adaptive Lighting feature will help boost one's ability to remain alert and active at daytime, and wind down and relax at nights.

Aqara Tunable White Led Bulb Lifestyle

Aqara Tunable White Led Bulb Lifestyle (Image credit: Aqara)

Introduced in iOS 14, HomeKit Adaptive Lighting automatically adjusts the color temperature of compatible lighting throughout the day. In the morning, HomeKit Adaptive Lighting will set the lights to warmer tones to help ease you into the day, followed by whiter light in the afternoon to aid with focus. In the evening, HomeKit will transition the lights back to warmer tones to promote rest.

Aqara Led Light Bulbs

Aqara Led Light Bulbs (Image credit: Aqara)

According to Aqara, HomeKit Adaptive Lighting is now available for its entire line of smart lighting products, including its Tunable White LED Light Bulb. However, the availability of Aqara's products varies as the light bulb, and other lighting accessories are not currently available in North America.

As of now, the HomeKit Adaptive Lighting update is solely available for the Aqara Hub M1S. The company has not said if the feature will come to the excellent Aqara Camera Hub G2H hybrid, but it will be coming to the Aqara Hub M2, which is coming later this year.

Aqara's HomeKit Adaptive Lighting release follows previous updates from Nanoleaf, Eve Systems, and Philips Hue that brought support to the best HomeKit light bulbs and the best HomeKit light strips.

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