AR, WWDC, sources, lawyers: Here's everything Jon Prosser revealed in his Twitter Q&A

Jon Prosser
Jon Prosser (Image credit: FPT)

What you need to know

  • Jon Prosser held a Q&A on Twitter last night.
  • He answered questions about his sources, leaks and upcoming Apple products.
  • Here's everything he said.

Since the start of 2020, Jon Prosser has shot to prominence in the Apple community, thanks to string of high-profile, bang on the money leaks and rumors regarding Apple and its products. Jon helped us nail down the iPhone SE's launch date back at the start of April, and had been championing those dates as early as March. He has also previously given out info regarding the upcoming iPhone 12, Apple's new attempt at AirPower and more!

Last night, he took to Twitter to answer questions, and he revealed plenty of interesting information! Highlights include:

  1. Apple is working on a gaming controller, and has been since 2019.
  2. Jon is more stressed out than he's ever been.
  3. Rumors the iPad Pro may be delayed until 2021 are "mostly true"
  4. The next Apple Watch will look the same as the Series 4.
  5. He's confident Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are happening.
  6. The notch may still be here in 2021.
  7. Apple hopes to reopen most of its stores by the end of May.
  8. The iPhone SE Plus is "100%" coming next year.
  9. The new iMac was already supposed to happen, but was delayed. It's now ready to ship and could happen at anytime.
  10. The internal date fopr WWDC is currently June 1.

Here's everything that was said!

Don't know who else would be this transparent, but here goes:Have a question about my leaks? Wanna know how it works? Wanna question my validity?Here's an open and honest Q&A about my Apple leaksAsk anything.Go

Q: Have you heard anything regarding Apple gaming controller or anything else Apple is working on related to gaming ?

A: I know there IS a gaming controller that's been in development since 2019, but not much other than that.

Q: Do you ever get too stressed out? Like keeping the sources safe and reporting info must be stressful. I love what you do. Keep up the great work

A: I'm more stressed out than I've ever been.

I'm human, too.

Q: Any insight into these recent rumors pushing the expected late 2020 iPad Pro into 2021?

A: Mostly true.

Resources are all going towards getting iPhone 12 out the door, so other product lines will get less attention at the moment.

Q: Hey Jon, love your content! Any news on upcoming iPad models (non-Pro)?

A: I'll ask! But honestly haven't heard anything yet.

Just being honest.

Q: You think high-up Apple execs (Craig, Tim, etc.) know who you are/are after you?

A: Of course.

They pay attention to the news/rumor cycle more than you think they do.

Q: Do you have a lawyer lined up in the event (poo emoji) hits the fan?

A: Yes

Q: Will you do a video dedicated to the "low confidence" leaks that you held back?

A: Nope. They're low confidence for a reason Face with tears of joy

And if I report on anything like that, even if I'm clear about not being confident in the info, the media easily twists that and it gets away from me. Which hurts my reputation.

Best to play it safe.

Q: What do you know about the next Apple Watch? Will have the same design, or different?

A: Will look the same as Series 4

Q: Final Cut Pro for iPad?

A: I'm confident that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are happening.

Let's wait and see

Q: Why do so many leaks seem to be taken from potato cameras?

A: Usually to protect the source.

Protecting the person that took the photo is more important than publishing it in high quality

Q: Have any of your sources been a presenter at an Apple Event?

A: Nah

Q: No notch for 2021?

A: Doubt it

Q: Do you only know product info or business info as well. Like Apples plans to reopen its stores etc.

A: I was the first person to leak that the stores were closing, 12 hours before Apple officially announced it.

Most of my intel is about business/timeline stuff.

They hope to have most stores open by the end of May.

Q: Will this years iPhones have reverse wireless charging??!

A: Don't know

Q: do you have sources high up within apple?

A: Obviously

Q: Did your sources come to you or did you find them?

A: They all came to me

Q: Are your sources Apple employees or do they work for the manufacturers in China? How high up the chain do they go?

A: My sources are in and outside of Apple, at all different levels of access.

Q: how many sources do you check with before you share info?

A: I try to confirm with 3. But I can work with info from 2.

Q: Is your source(s) stateside or over seas?

A: Both

Q: Are you concerned about your ability to procure information long-term? Like if your sources are compromised?

A: I'm just happy and lucky to do this for as long as I can.

I'm not too concerned about long-term. I'm happy to do it now.

Q: Is there a possibility of a iPhone SE Plus?

A: 100%.

Next year.

Q: What do you know about iOS 14?

A: Most of the iOS 14 leaks you've seen so far, I already knew about.

I was specifically asked by the source not to publish the information, and I won't go behind the source's back.

Q: Are we getting a new iMac this year? Magic Mouse 3?

A: The iMac was already supposed to happen, but was delayed.

Mostly ready to ship.

Could be released literally at any time.

Q: Do you have any updates about when WWDC will be happening in June?

A: As far as I know, the internal date they're set on is June 1st.

Q: Heard of any upcoming products that haven't been leaked by anyone yet?

A: Of course

Q: Do you put every leak out there that you've verified or do you keep some to yourself? Huge fan of FP

A: Absolutely not. I keep a lot to myself, for different reasons.

Sometimes, I'm not confident in the info.

Sometimes, if I publish info, it could hurt the source.

Sometimes, products or announcements are so far out that it's not even worth it for me to report it yet.

Q: How have none of them been compromised yet!?

A: My first priority is to protect them.

If there's a risk of hurting ANY of the sources, I will not publish the information.

Q: Has all these videos and behind the scenes leaking taken away your excitement of surprise reveals and the joy of not expecting something?

A: I'm more excited now than I've ever been.

Keep in mind, I know more than most about products coming down the line. I'm excited about what Apple is working on and I can't wait for everyone to see.

Q: Has Apple contacted you directly with any sort of "warning" o investigative purposes related to your leaks?

A: Yes, but I'd rather not talk about it.

Q: How do you communicate with your sources? Signal?

A: Twitter DM, Telegram, Signal

Q: Any idea on the actual name of the bigger lower end iPhone 12 6.1? Is it 12+? Or 12 Max?

A: Nope. I only know codenames of products until they're announced. I'm guessing with marketing names just like everyone else.

Q: How has this changed your channel/was this something you always wanted to do?

Also thank you

A: I thought it was something I always wanted to do

But once it happened, the stress has been way more than I anticipated.

Obviously there's been a ton of growth and media coverage lately, but I almost feel disconnected from it all. The stress is a lot.

Q: 1. How are the leakers not afraid or not getting catched? You have info from SMALL GROUP HIGH EXECUTIVE MEATINGS!

2. How much do you pay them (I assume that's their win?) you negotiate each leak according to relevance?

A: 1. Everyone is cautious. Me included. We just try to be as careful as possible. First priority is protecting them. Second is publishing the info for you guys to see.

  1. I NEVER pay sources. Once a transaction takes place, things get very sticky, legally.

Q: Any updates on the AR glasses?

A: Working on a story about them for next month.

Q: Have you ever gotten in real trouble for your leaks? Like legal?

A: Nope

Q: How do you evaluate your sources to make sure they really work for Apple or at their production?

A: They can usually validate it with the info that have.

I typically always compare info with sources and verify with more than one source before I report anything.

Q: How do your sources contact you? Like a random twitter dm? Or a proper secure encrypted platform?

A: Both

Q: When do you think the SE Plus is coming out?

A: Was scheduled for March of 2021.

As per Kuo today, it may be pushed back even further.

Mass production hasn't started yet. Still coming with the A13 chip.

So expect it next year. No refresh to the current SE next year, we'll just get the SE Plus.

Q: When is the macbook pro coming out?

A: Should be getting one next month.

ARM books are next up. Maybe WWDC.

Q: Why did the sources choose you in particular?

A: Most of them are just fans of the show and they trust me to protect them.

Q: What's your motive behind leaking info about upcoming Apple products? Is it just for fun?

A: I feel like it's a transition in my career. Don't know where it'll take me, or how long I'll be able to do it, but I have some really great sources right now.

I'm a nerd just like everyone here. Getting a peek behind the scenes is a ton a fun and I'm lucky to know more than most

Awesome stuff, thanks, Jon!

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