Are you a pupper or a doggo? Find out in Good Dogs!

If you haven't followed the already hilariously adorable Twitter account WeRateDogs, then srsly what are you doing with your life?!

The account essentially "rates" good doggos and puppers, giving them a consistent 13/10 good boy score, thusly proving that every pooch on this planet is perfect.

But you know what's better than looking at pictures of super cool dogs? Playing as them in this latest free-to-play endless runner from London-based Fourthwall games and WeRateDogs creator, Matt Nelson!

We are thrilled to be helping Matt bring his booping and numeric quantifying of Dogs to a mobile gaming audience… and while other games may feature more high drama or epic battles, our game lets you joyfully run through a park as dogs, what more could you ask for? 13/10 would collaborate again. (Chris Etches, Fourthwall)

What exactly is Good Dogs?

It's a mobile game that allows you to choose a pup and guide them around, over, and under obstacles while collecting bones on your way to the finish line.

Throughout the game, you unlock different dogs and hats (SO CUTE), which will give you different abilities throughout the course!

What's the purpose of the game?

Keep your doggo alive and collect all da bones. Be the best dog you can be!

When is it launching?

February 3rd.

Does it have a good rating so far?

It's getting around 13/10 across the board, tbh.

What do you think of Good Dogs?

Will you be downloading this endless-running game? Or will you pass and ultimately not be a good boy? Let us know in the comments below!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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